If you are a bowling newcomer, chances are, you’re using the balls that are owned and provided by the bowling alley, called house balls. It’s fine to use the house balls if you are at the alley bowling for fun—that’s what they’re there for! But because these types of balls are bowled with frequently and used by many people everyday, it’s best that they are used only in social situations. Should you decide to take the game more seriously or want to join a league, this would be the time to get your own personal ball.

Without a doubt, getting a custom ball can help you improve your bowling skills. Are you still not sure if it’s worth it to invest in a brand new custom-made bowling ball? Read on! Here are the top benefits of buying custom bowling balls in Hampton, VA.

Fits your hand

When you pay for a lane at the bowling alley, you might also have to pay to rent bowling shoes and a bowling ball. You know you wear a size 10 shoe, so finding a pair of bowling shoes on the rack is a relatively simple process. But bowling ball sizing is different. While it may seem easy enough to find a ball with the right size finger holes and weight for your hand, it’s not the ball you use all the time. The grip may not be comfortable, because the finger holes are not an exact match to your own.

One of the biggest advantages of getting your own custom bowling ball is that the holes will definitely fit your fingers. That’s because the holes will be drilled to fit your hand and your hand only. No more discomfort for you! The finger holes will not be too loose or too tight, and the spacing between the finger and thumb holes (the grip) will be just the right size. In turn, you’ll be able to swing and release the ball with more confidence and grace.

Better ball material

House balls are made of plastic or polyester. It’s a cheaper material for a bowling ball, and it makes sense since house balls are regularly used and abused. If you’re in a bowling league, you will perform best using a ball made of more advanced materials. This includes reactive resin, urethane and particle balls.

Advanced materials have a softer outside shell (the overstock), which causes friction with the surface of the bowling lane, meaning it will hook better on the lane. A hook is when a shot starts out traveling straight down the lane before curving toward the pins. A house ball’s material is unable to hook as well, no matter how good the bowler is. A urethane ball will roll more evenly and knock down more pins on contact. Reactive resin balls and particle balls are similar to the additional small particles on the overstock, which increases friction.

Are you thinking about investing in a new bowling ball to bring your game up a notch? Visit Sparetimes and learn more about how we can help with custom bowling balls in Hampton, VA!

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