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The holiday season has arrived! If you’re still scrambling for gift ideas for a friend or loved one, we’ve got you covered. For the serious bowlers in your life, there are plenty of gift ideas that are likely to go over extremely well. Here are just a few bowling gift ideas in Hampton, VA to help you with this year’s holiday shopping: A new bowling ball: Bowlers can always use a variety of balls for different situations, so a new bowling ball can be a great way to add to their arsenal. Of course, you’ll need to get some information... View Article

Bowling in Hampton, VA looks a bit different this year. The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) made some changes to the game, and players will have to adapt. But there’s more to it than learning the difference between cleaning versus disinfecting the bowling ball. Familiarize yourself with how to disinfect bowling balls plus the other new USBC guidelines before stepping up to the alley. Rubbing alcohol is permitted The USBC has made changes for how to disinfect bowling balls. Originally, players in Hampton, VA were allowed to wipe down bowling balls either before or after the game. But with the... View Article

There’s no magical secret that helps a player to bowl a perfect game. Achieving all twelve strikes requires a ton of practice and a little bit of luck. Players in Hampton, VA will heighten their chances by practicing both physical and mental techniques. Below are a few simple tips to bowl a perfect game. Calm your nerves Bowling is all about your mentality. Sure, there’s skill involved, but you’re most likely to bowl a perfect game with a calm mind. Don’t psych yourself out if you just bowled eleven strikes and are on the final frame. Players perform their best... View Article

So, you just got your first custom bowling ball—congratulations! In between games, it’s important that you store it safely. Otherwise, you could open your bag one day to find out that the ball has been cracked all the way around. Read on to learn more about bowling ball storage tips in Hampton, VA. Why bowling balls crack in storage Your bowling ball is made up of several different materials. The center, or the core of the ball, is made from a heavy rock-like material. Meanwhile, the outer coating has more elasticity—it’s almost “springy” on the lane and will help your... View Article

Keeping your bowling ball clean and germ free is more important now than ever, but bowling balls require a little extra care to keep them from getting damaged. If you have your own custom ball, you’ll want to take great care of it so it lasts forever. However, with the threat of COVID-19 looming for the foreseeable future, disinfecting your ball is important for stopping the spread of disease. Here’s how to safely clean and disinfect your bowling ball in Hampton, VA. Cleaning vs. disinfecting your bowling ball Bowling balls can be cleaned and disinfected—and they’re not the same thing.... View Article