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During a bowling game, the ball rotates through a series of phases. Understanding each of these phases can help you adjust your technique to improve your chances of a good strike. Skid Phase The skid phase of a ball rotation is when the bowling ball starts to slide down the lane. The bowling ball does not have the speed to match its rotational speed, so it will skid until lane friction slows the skid and pure rolling begins. This happens in the last 15 feet on the lane, as the bowling ball rolls down the lane towards the pins. It... View Article

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been bowling for a while, you may find yourself wondering why your shot keeps going off path. Here are some ways you can improve it and get back on track!  Weight Transfer  When your bowling shot keeps going off path, one of the first things to look at is how you stand and distribute your weight. It is recommended to get your feet shoulder width apart and move your weight forward from the start of your swing. This will ensure that your stride is front to back and not side to side, which... View Article

Bowling is a fun and popular game anyone is sure to enjoy. Like with any sport, getting better at bowling requires dedication and a lot of practice. Many new bowlers get the hang of it pretty quickly, but don’t fret if you’re having trouble at first. Below, we’ve provided several bowling tips to help bowlers of all skill levels improve their game. Read on if you’re wondering how to become a better bowler—you’ll likely find your game improving in no time! Gripping Developing a good grip is one of the best ways to improve your bowling. There are two main... View Article

While bowling isn’t as intense as other sports, it still requires a good warm-up before each game. A good warm-up will not only help prevent injury but will also make you a better bowler in the long run. Read on if you’re interested in learning about some exercises before bowling that will help improve your game. Wrist stretches One of the best warm-ups for bowling is a simple wrist stretch. There are many wrist exercises one can perform before bowling, but the two we most recommend are wrist flexions and wrist extensions. In a wrist flexion stretch, you hold your... View Article

Everyone wants to get a higher bowling score. You don’t have to roll a perfect game each time to get better—all it takes is incremental improvement to see an increase in your bowling average. Here are some tips to get a higher bowling score. Roll more strikes Obviously, the best way to get a higher bowling score is to roll more strikes. But how can you do this? For starters, be as consistent as possible with your roll. From your starting point to your follow-through, try to get as close as possible to the same exact movement every time. Take... View Article