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What bowling ball should you use? Choosing a suitable bowling bowl can be challenging for some. If you have ever experienced getting your fingers stuck in the holes of a bowling ball when you are trying to throw it, you are already familiar with the struggle. Continue reading to find several ways to find a suitable bowling ball in a matter of time. Choosing the Perfect Bowling Ball Are you wondering how to choose the best bowling ball for you? A ball that fits your fingers properly is more comfortable, provides you with more power and control, and lowers the fatigue level... View Article

Bowlers of all skill levels sometimes have a hard time choosing the perfect bowling ball. They often wonder how to pick the right bowling ball weight or how to pick the right coverstock. While this can all depend on personal preferences, we’ve provided a handy guide on finding the right bowling ball for your needs. Read on to help ensure you have a great bowling experience. Picking the right coverstock Wondering how to pick your bowling ball? Most people only consider weight when choosing a ball; however, it’s also important to think about coverstock, which is the outer shell of... View Article

Bowling is supposed to be fun, not stressful. A ball that’s too heavy could be getting in between you and a good time at your local Hampton, VA bowling alley. For serious bowlers, sometimes using a different sized bowling ball is all it takes to up your game. Here are five additional reasons why you should use a smaller bowling ball. Lighter bowling balls require less strength Lighter bowling balls are the best choice for children and those who are new to the sport. Smaller ones are also great for casual players who hit the lanes only when they’re looking... View Article

The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) released some new guidance for its bowling ball rules a couple years ago that finally went into effect this August. These changes will affect bowling competitions in Hampton, VA and across the United States. Here’s an overview of what you should know about the USBC’s new bowling ball rules. Changes to bowling ball regulations As of August 1, any bowling ball that has a balance hole or weight hole will no longer be allowed to be used in USBC-certified competitions. This change was announced over two years ago on April 24, 2018. The USBC... View Article

So, you just got your first custom bowling ball—congratulations! In between games, it’s important that you store it safely. Otherwise, you could open your bag one day to find out that the ball has been cracked all the way around. Read on to learn more about bowling ball storage tips in Hampton, VA. Why bowling balls crack in storage Your bowling ball is made up of several different materials. The center, or the core of the ball, is made from a heavy rock-like material. Meanwhile, the outer coating has more elasticity—it’s almost “springy” on the lane and will help your... View Article