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So, you just got your first custom bowling ball—congratulations! In between games, it’s important that you store it safely. Otherwise, you could open your bag one day to find out that the ball has been cracked all the way around. Read on to learn more about bowling ball storage tips in Hampton, VA. Why bowling balls crack in storage Your bowling ball is made up of several different materials. The center, or the core of the ball, is made from a heavy rock-like material. Meanwhile, the outer coating has more elasticity—it’s almost “springy” on the lane and will help your... View Article

Keeping your bowling ball clean and germ free is more important now than ever, but bowling balls require a little extra care to keep them from getting damaged. If you have your own custom ball, you’ll want to take great care of it so it lasts forever. However, with the threat of COVID-19 looming for the foreseeable future, disinfecting your ball is important for stopping the spread of disease. Here’s how to safely clean and disinfect your bowling ball in Hampton, VA. Cleaning vs. disinfecting your bowling ball Bowling balls can be cleaned and disinfected—and they’re not the same thing.... View Article

A new bowling ball is a pretty significant expense, so it’s hardly surprising that the patrons at our bowling center cherish theirs and try and take care of them as best they can. Proper maintenance of your bowling ball is just as important as the maintenance of any other piece of equipment you own—your lawnmower or your refrigerator would fall into disrepair if you never checked up on them, and the same is actually true of your bowling ball. A cracked bowling ball in Hampton, VA can be a real pain, so it’s important to understand the forces that can... View Article

Your choice of bowling ball size could make or break your game. Many people who visit Sparetimes in Hampton, VA take a while to choose their bowling ball weight and frequently choose the lightest ball, thinking that’s the best option for them. However, the right bowling ball weight for you depends on factors beyond just being able to lift it. Here are four elements to consider when choosing your bowling ball: Age: House balls range in weight from six to 16 pounds. The lightweight balls that weigh in at six, eight and 10 pounds are designed for children. For teenagers,... View Article

Like any other sporting equipment, bowling balls require maintenance and care, including cleaning. However, bowling ball cleaning is not as simple as using soap and water and hoping for the best. You need to be careful so you preserve the finish and prevent damage. Here are five tips on cleaning a bowling ball in Hampton, VA for maximum performance and a shiny surface: Clean between throws: When bowling, a dirt-free ball will help your scores. Between throws, wipe out the finger holes to keep them grease-free and help your grip become more stable. Wipe your hands with a towel so... View Article