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If you love kicking back with a game of bowling alongside friends in Hampton, VA, chances are you might think bowling is purely an American pastime. However, not only is bowling in other countries very popular, bowling is actually an ancient game. If you’re wondering how bowlers work in other countries, people from other countries might be thinking the same thing! The game of bowling is older than Jesus Christ and Julius Caesar. It was included in the first Olympic Games in Greece during the year 776 BC, and the oldest primitive bowling set that has been discovered by anthropologists... View Article

If you’re a beginner, watching professional bowlers do their thing can be both inspiring and frustrating. They seem to be able to control the ball with their mind, changing its direction halfway to the pins. How do they do it!? The short answer is that professional bowlers in Hampton, VA know how to make their bowling ball spin. When people talk about bowling ball spins, they don’t mean that it rolls down the lane towards the pins. When people use the term “spin,” they are describing the way the tilt of the ball’s rotation axis affects how it rolls towards... View Article

There’s no magical secret that helps a player to bowl a perfect game. Achieving all twelve strikes requires a ton of practice and a little bit of luck. Players in Hampton, VA will heighten their chances by practicing both physical and mental techniques. Below are a few simple tips to bowl a perfect game. Calm your nerves Bowling is all about your mentality. Sure, there’s skill involved, but you’re most likely to bowl a perfect game with a calm mind. Don’t psych yourself out if you just bowled eleven strikes and are on the final frame. Players perform their best... View Article

Even if it wasn’t a competitive game, it’s safe to assume that most people have been bowling at least once in their lifetime. Although it’s a popular game enjoyed by people around the globe, a lot of people don’t know very many fun facts about bowling in Hampton, VA. We’re here to change that! Continue reading to learn a few things you probably didn’t know about bowling. It’s an old sport Fred and Barney were avid bowlers in The Flintstones. Even though The Flintstones was a cartoon, cavemen bowling might not be too far from the truth! British anthropologists discovered... View Article

Eventually, the COVID-19 restrictions will end, and you will likely be ready to spend some time with friends enjoying activities. This could be a great time to try something new, and if you have never bowled before, we would love to welcome you. This is not just about hitting pins—there are bowling health benefits, too. Here are five health benefits of bowling you can enjoy once the lockdown ends in Hampton, VA: Movement: Bowling is not without activity. While you may consider bowling a sport where you sit around until it is your turn, those walks back and forth start... View Article