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There’s usually a lot going on at a bowling alley. There could be kids enjoying a birthday party at one lane, while a bowling league is hosting its final game at another. The one thing everyone at a bowling alley has in common is that they’re all there to have a good time. Practicing proper bowling lane courtesy and etiquette will help ensure you and everyone around you enjoys their night at the bowling alley. Read on for plenty of tips when it comes to bowling alley etiquette. Respect your fellow bowlers No matter if it’s the people you’re playing... View Article

Not only is bowling a ton of fun, it also offers a lot of health benefits. Many people don’t realize this because bowling doesn’t feel like traditional exercise. However, you still use a lot of your muscles when bowling. Bowling is also a low-impact exercise that can help lower stress and tone muscles. And since you’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even notice that you’re exercising. If you’re looking for something else to add to your diet and exercise routine, here’s why you should consider adding bowling to your regimen. Keeps you moving Unless you’re playing with a... View Article

Are you having trouble deciding on something to do with your friends and family? Whether going out in a large group or having a one-on-one evening with someone special, bowling is always a good choice. Bowling is the perfect weekend, weekday and weeknight activity. It’s fun for people of all ages and doesn’t require you to spend a ton of money. If your friends and family are still on the fence about going bowling, use some of the reasons we’ve listed below to sway their opinion: It’s great for people of all ages: When we say everyone will have a... View Article

There are approximately 50 million bowlers in the United States. Thirty-three percent are adult women; 32 percent are adult men; and the rest are teens or children. So it’s safe to say that bowling is a popular sport across all age groups. This post from your favorite bowling alley will cover a few of the reasons why so many people love to bowl: No equipment required: While many serious bowlers invest in their own balls, shirts and shoes, equipment is not required to go bowling. Your chosen bowling alley already has everything you need on-site—all you need to do is... View Article

Over 45 million people went bowling at least once in the year 2017. While the onset of a global pandemic last year likely hurt participation numbers in 2020, bowling continues to remain a cultural mainstay. Looking back, many people remember going to bowling parties at bowling centers and then heading out with their friends to throw a few frames once they got older and were able to drive. And once they were of age, they might have a few drinks in addition to playing a couple games. Bowling has been supremely popular in America for years now, and some might... View Article