You want to make a great impression. You want to have fun, get to know each other and create an evening that leads to a second date. What should you plan? Dinner and a movie is overdone. Outdoor activities are too dependent on the weather. Have you considered bowling in Hampton, VA?

Bowling is the perfect option for a first date. Why? Read on to discover what makes this activity the ideal date to kick off your romance.

1. It Gets the Conversation Going

Staring at each other over plates of pasta can lead to awkward silences and stagnant conversation. Bowling offers a relaxed icebreaker. It gives you an obvious topic of conversation. You can discuss your past bowling experiences and follow the conversation where it leads from there.

2. It Breaks the Barrier

If one of you gets a strike or picks up a spare, you can high-five. You can also help each other with your form and throwing style. These opportunities allow you to naturally break the touch barrier that is present when you first start dating. Getting past this will allow you to reach a more relaxed level of comfort and fun with each other.

3. It Offers More

Modern bowling centers are typically more than just a few lanes. They offer food, pool tables, arcades and more. If you want to extend the date, it’s easy to add on a meal or additional activities.

4. It Can Be Casual or Upscale

Do you want an extremely casual first date, or would you prefer something a little more upscale? Bowling in Hampton, VA offers either option. A traditional bowling alley offers bar food and video games. Other bowling centers are designed with a club feel, offering waiters, a full menu and a more high-class atmosphere.

5. It Requires Little Preparation

Bowling in Hampton, VA allows you to have a great time and create a memorable evening with little preparation required. If you don’t have a lot of time or resources to develop an elaborate date night, that’s not a problem. A bowling alley offers a full range of entertainment with stress-free planning.

BONUS: It Provides Unique Insight!

What happens when you bowl with someone? The game and the interactions involved offer great insight into your date’s personality. How do they react if they get a gutter ball? How competitive are they? Do they cheer when you get a strike? Bowling in Hampton, VA is a good way to see what kind of partner this person might make. It is a great initial interaction to determine if you want a second date with this person.

Plan Your Next Date

End the stress and worry over what to do on your first date. Plan a fun evening of bowling in Hampton, VA to start your relationship out on the right foot. For the perfect place to bring your date, visit Sparetimes. Our bowling center features a bar, full-service snack bar, lounge with pool tables and a game room. We have everything you need to make a great first impression. Stop in today to check out our facility!

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