Your dedication to bowling practice is like clockwork, and all your bowling league meet-ups are set in stone on the calendar. You have a favorite go-to destination for bowling and the perfect shoes and a custom ball, as well as a quality bowling bag to carry them in. But have you thought about what else you might like to carry around in your bowling bag as you visit the different bowling centers in your area? There’s a huge variety of bowling accessories out there that can help you improve your game and get the most out of your experience.

If you are a new bowler, the following list is for you. Here are the top bowling accessories in Hampton, VA every bowler should have in their bag:

  • Bowler’s tape: The feel of the bowling grip is a personal preference. Luckily, there are a few variations of bowler’s tape, which gives each bowler the opportunity to find the one that works best for their grip. Although you might not be keen on using tape, there are several reasons why you should. First, your fingers or thumb may swell or shrink in the middle of practice or a tournament, or you might live in or travel to an area where the weather changes often. Changing temperatures can cause issues with grip.
  • Cloth tape: Cloth tape is one type of bowler’s tape. It comes in pre-cut pieces or a roll and is applied directly to your skin. If you get a roll of cloth tape, then you’ll need to carry scissors or a multi-tool to cut it. Take a piece and apply it to the back of your thumb or fingers. Cloth tape is a great accessory to have on hand if you bowl and are susceptible to blisters.
  • Multi-tool: As mentioned above, you will need to carry a pair of scissors or a multi-tool to cut rolled cloth tape. A good multi-tool will have scissors, a file, picks, knives and more, which makes it ideal for other tasks in addition to cutting bowler’s tape. For instance, smaller scissors can be used to add or remove tape from the finger holes in your bowling ball. Make sure you keep your multi-tool or scissors in a protective pouch while it’s in your bag.
  • Bowling ball cleaners: Every seasoned bowler knows the importance of keeping their bowling ball clean. It must be clean in order to perform well, stay in good condition and last a long time. You choose your ball cleaner wisely—you want a cleaner that not only cleans the ball, but one that can restore tack to the surface of the ball. Read product labels to ensure you are getting the best cleaner.
  • Bowling shoe accessories: Another important thing you need to do as a bowler is keep your bowling shoes clean—shoe covers can help. Having clean shoes ensures a consistent slide and lasting shoe condition. Tired of getting debris stuck on the soles of your shoes? Keep a wire shoe brush in your bag!

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