You’re aware of certain table manners that should be followed at a restaurant. When you’re at the grocery store, you let the person with one item go in front of your overflowing cart. On the road, you wave in the person waiting to make a right turn into traffic. Did you know there are also common courtesies used by players at your bowling center in Hampton, VA?

These bowling lane courtesies are an important part of the game and are good to know if you plan to play. Using the proper courtesies will create a more pleasant experience for both you and your neighboring bowlers. Following are the most common protocols for hitting the lanes.

Left-Right Courtesy

You’re making your approach. Your eyes are fixed on your target. You have perfect form. As you swing back to aim for that perfect strike, the bowler in the next lane comes swooping up on your left and crashes their ball down their lane. Your concentration is shattered, your release is awkward and you end up hitting one pin.

Has this ever happened to you? If so, your neighboring bowler wasn’t following the common left-right courtesy that should be used at bowling centers in Hampton, VA. Before you take your turn, look left and right to ensure no one in the lanes next to yours are in the process of taking their turn. Wait to make your approach after they have completed their throw.

On-Deck Courtesy

When you go to a bowling center in Hampton, VA, you’re there to have fun. Conversations with your friends and competitors are good to have. You may also need to check your phone or want to make a quick post to social media. However, be ready to play when it’s your turn. It is rude to your fellow bowlers to make them wait for you as you finish a conversation or tap away at your phone. Pay attention to the game so you are ready to bowl when your turn comes around.

Space Courtesy

While you should be ready to take your turn, you also shouldn’t crowd or rush the bowler in front of you. Standing, ball in hand, one foot on the lane, staring them down as they take their turn is not polite either. Be prepared, but be patient.

Speed Courtesy

You watch in horror as the final pin fails to fall. You stand there in shock, waiting and willing the strike to happen. When it doesn’t, you remain fixed in the lane, wondering what happened and refusing to accept the truth. Meanwhile, all the other bowlers are wishing you would get out of the way so they could take their turns.

Don’t slow down the pace of the game to stand there stomping your feet or swearing. Keep things flowing rather than interrupt the game with drama. Walk back immediately after you’ve delivered the ball, so the next person can prepare to take their turn.

Put It Into Practice

Now that you know the proper courtesy to use at your local bowling center in Hampton, VA, you’re ready to hit the lanes! Visit Sparetimes to put your bowling courtesy into practice. Our facility features a bar, full-service snack bar, lounge with pool tables and a game room!

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