Are you frustrated with your performance in the sport of bowling? Before you shell out for some lessons from a bowling instructor, here are some tips to help you enhance your performance the next time you visit the bowling alley in Hampton, VA:

  • Check your grip: You’re going to have a hard time getting consistent results if you’re not gripping the ball properly. Put your thumb into the hole first, and use the middle and ring fingers in the two other holes, without raising your thumb. Crooking your pinky finger can help you relieve some of the strain on your fingers and improve your accuracy by preventing you from turning the ball at the point of release.
  • Adjust your stance: Determine a starting position on the lane and then prepare to address the pins. Try first by starting just behind the 12-foot marker with your left foot just in front of your right and your toe in line with the number three pin. From here, depending on the results, your comfort level, your stride and the conditions of the alley, you can adjust in a way that best suits your game.
  • The address: Keep your weight on your right foot to start, with your right arm parallel to your side. Lower the ball into the starting position and lean forward, shifting your weight onto your left foot. Keep your wrist firm so you can keep an arc with the ball from the first motion to the point of release.
  • The approach: You’ll find timing and consistency is everything when approaching your release. With your first step, push the ball ahead and shuffle forward, keeping your left hand on the ball so it stays in its arc. The ball should begin its backward arc at the start of the second step. Make sure your arm swing is free. With the third step, the left arm moves out for balance while the right arm continues the backward swing in a pendulum motion. The body starts to bend, and at the end of the step the ball should be at the top of the backswing. With the fourth step you have full power and are ready for release. The weight should be on your right foot.
  • Release: After you’ve completed your final step and the slide and stop, it’s time to actually release your ball down the lane. The idea is to keep your wrist steady—if the wrist is too loose, the ball’s weight will take your arm off its intended path. Maintain a smooth, even motion that you’ve had on the approach and release the ball down the lane. If you’re new to bowling, understand that you don’t have to throw the ball too hard.
  • Follow through: Your hand should end in a “shaking hands” position, which will help you ensure you’ve delivered the ball on a good path to the pins.

At Sparetimes, we offer a variety of opportunities for bowlers of all skill and experience levels. For more tips about bowling technique, stop by our bowling alley in Hampton, VA.

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