Have you ever thought about all the bowling accessories in Hampton, VA that are implemented to make your bowling experience great? Your bowling center offers a host of equipment, technology and customized gear that takes your game to the next level.

One piece of equipment that helps enhance your experience is a Kegel lane machine. It’s called a Flex, and it has all the bells and whistles to streamline your bowling game and make your bowling center the best in town. This machine offers the following advanced features:

  • Display: The Flex has a redesigned user interface for a greater user experience. It includes a full-color 7” touch-screen display. Players who are looking for the best bowling accessories in Hampton, VA will enjoy the modern features of this display.
  • Conditioning system: Bowlers have a better experience when the lanes are properly conditioned. The Flex offers two conditioner pumps and two conditioner cartridges for a duo-conditioning system and a duo transfer system. This creates a smoother pattern and more controlled oil application so players can count on proper lane conditions. Bowling center owners can switch the conditioning to easily accommodate open play, tournaments, competitive bowlers and more.
  • Cleaning system: Clean lanes create better bowling experiences. Quick cleaning is essential to keep all lanes open and reduce wait times. The Flex features a quick-change squeegee assembly that reduces the maintenance time. A sprayless cleaning system further enhances the quality of the cleaning. Bowling center owners can also easily monitor the cleaner output for optimal results.
  • Drive system: This machine offers one of the top drive systems among bowling accessories in Hampton, VA. The Flex offers an LED arrow for improved positioning. It also features independent adjustable cleaning speeds. Tracking is also enhanced by a dual drive system.
  • PLC: A programmable logic controller stores 30 programs for the Flex. It features three program choices, test input/output menu options and a full-color touch screen. With such powerful programming, it’s a great choice for bowling centers in Hampton, VA.
  • Batteries: No one wants to experience a loss of power. The Flex offers three battery options based on the number of lanes that are conditioned per day, to keep things up and running at all times.
  • Walker: Some Flex machines feature a zero turn-radius lane-to-lane walking function, auto-aligning lane whiskers and object detection. These capabilities help keep a bowling center’s appearance and function in top form.
  • Warranty: The Flex offers an 18-month warranty so bowlers can continue to enjoy top-condition lanes, even if something goes awry. The warranty is extended even further if Kegel products are used for maintenance.

Bowl with the Best

If you’d like to bowl with the best bowling accessories in Hampton, VA, visit Sparetimes. We are a locally owned and operated full-service bowling center. Established in 1960, our facility features top-of-the-line equipment, a full-service snack bar and lounge including pool tables and a game room. Whether you are a professional seeking quality, conditioned lanes or a family looking for a fun night out, we are your go-to source for top bowling experiences.

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