All work and no play can make anyone go a little crazy. Get the team out of the office and into a place where they can let go this holiday season! Here are a few reasons why you should host your next corporate holiday party at a bowling center in Hampton, VA.

Socialize outside the office

How often do you hang out with your coworkers outside of work? There’s no rule saying you have to be friends with everyone you work with, but every once in a while it’s good to socialize outside of the office setting. The great part about throwing a corporate party at a bowling center is that you aren’t trapped talking to coworkers the entire time—you can take the opportunity to exit a conversation when it’s your turn to bowl.

No weather worries

November, December and January are prime times for office parties. Unfortunately, it’s also the time for rain, snow and cold weather. Good weather is not guaranteed, especially during the holiday season. To avoid weather worries, reserve a few lanes at your local bowling center for a few hours one weekend or on an evening after work. Bowling centers are excellent venues for parties—they’re spacious, they have restrooms and, best of all, are protected from the elements. It stays a comfortable temperature inside when it’s cold and raining outside.

It’s nostalgic

Like roller skating rinks, bowling alleys can trigger fun memories from your childhood. From the smell of the food—like nachos, corndogs, candy, popcorn and pizza—to the video game arcade, there’s something for all your senses. The holidays are nostalgic in themselves—just add in a nostalgic activity and your corporate holiday party will be the talk of the office!

It’s relaxing

Relaxing in general is important for overall health and wellbeing. The holidays can cause stress for a lot of people, but not the people on your team, because you reserved a spot at the bowling center for this year’s holiday party! Everyone deserves a bit of downtime during the holidays, and bowling is the perfect activity to melt all those worries away.

Something to look forward to

Giving everyone a heads-up about an upcoming party gives the office something to look forward to. Knowing a party is coming soon may increase productivity at work during the week or month before. Having a party to look forward can be especially helpful should anyone be having a particularly bad week or a hard time making it through Thanksgiving, Christmas or the countdown to the New Year.

Food and fun all in one spot

Bowling alleys have plenty of lanes and food, but here at Sparetimes we go one step further with our company party packages. Usually reserved for 10 people or more, your corporate holiday party package includes tons of fun, tasty food and endless entertainment. Choose a time that works for your group and feel free to browse our “add-ons” food and dessert menu for additional eats.

Make this year’s office holiday party memorable and creative. Call Sparetimes or visit our bowling center in Hampton, VA to book your party today!

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