These days, a first date might entail meeting at a local coffee shop, diner or pub. What makes these options great for a lot of people is simply that they’re convenient public places. If you’re looking for something more exciting, fun and different, then a bowling alley date night might be for you! This puts a spin on the standard “sit, eat and talk” date. Below are six reasons why bowling in Hampton, VA is a great idea for a first date:

  • Bowling keeps the conversation flowing: Regardless of whether you just met or have known the person for a long time, first dates are often nerve-racking and stressful. You don’t know if you’ll have anything in common to talk about, or your nerves will take over, causing everything you say to come out like nonsense. At coffee, all you can do in this situation is stare at your cup awkwardly. But when you’re at a bowling alley and anxiety hits, just get up, roll the ball and redirect the conversation—or just use bowling as the topic of conversation!
  • Bowling alleys are relaxing: The first date is an opportunity to get to know each other. When you take your date to a bowling center, you both are able to lay back and chill out in a relaxing indoor environment. Another perk of a bowling alley date is there’s no obligation to dress up. Going bowling calls for comfortable clothing, something you’re confident wearing when you need to bend, lean, turn and step.
  • Bowling lanes are affordable: If you want to take someone on a first date that’s unique and not too expensive, suggest bowling. All you do is pay for the lane by the hour or per game, and rent shoes and bowling balls. It’s pretty unlikely that a night of bowling will break the bank.
  • Bowling alleys are safe spaces: You’re probably excited about your date, but not knowing the person can make you a little bit nervous. That’s not unusual. Fortunately, when you take your date to a well-known bowling center, there are many people in the same area. This is good for personal safety and peace of mind.
  • Bowling for fun requires little skill: Bowling is an activity for all skill levels. If you’re an expert, that’s great, but don’t get cocky if your score is way higher than your date’s. The goal here is to have fun. Rolled and hit just one pin? Laugh it off. Gutter ball? Tell it how you feel. The ball made it to the end of the lane, but somehow knocked down zero pins? Whatever, you’re still having fun! Just roll with the game, no matter your bowling skills.
  • Bowling centers have food and drinks: No game of bowling in Hampton, VA is complete without food and drinks. That’s right—most bowling alleys serve food, snacks and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. You can have a fun, relaxing first date in a comfortable indoor space without forgoing sips and treats.

At Sparetimes, you can bowl by the hour, by the game or even reserve lanes for a big party. Call or visit us anytime!

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