If you have back problems, it can be hard to find ways to stay active that don’t come with the risk of straining your back. If you’re an avid bowler, you know just how difficult it can be to play well or enjoy yourself at all if you’re having back pains. The game features a lot of repetitive motions, twisting and slippery surfaces, all of which could pose risks for you worsening an existing back condition.

In fact, many people actually develop back pains because of their bowling. Fortunately, there are ways you can avoid this issue. Here are some tips from our bowling alley in Hampton, VA that can help you avoid back injuries.

Use proper technique

Bowling does involve moving your body in some ways that may seem unnatural or awkward. The upper and lower parts of your body turn in different directions when you release the ball, and the way you hold on to the ball also isn’t going to always feel natural. This is what makes it so important to understand and use proper technique. If you’re going to be a regular bowler, you should invest in a couple lessons from a qualified bowling instructor so you learn the fine mechanics of the sport. This will prevent you from developing repetitive motion injuries and back pain.

In many cases, people bend too far forward when engaging in their bowling motion, which means the shoulders get out in front of the body and put an unnecessary amount of stress on the lower spine. Another common mistake is putting too much weight on the toes, preventing the knees from getting enough bend and putting the upper body out of alignment.

Don’t overdo it

Bowling is a ton of fun—we know this better than anyone! But too much of a good thing is bad for a person. If you bowl every day, or bowl for hours without taking breaks, you’re going to be at greater risk of these repetitive stress injuries. It’s great if you want to get active and become an avid bowler, but as with any type of exercise, it’s important to understand your body’s limits so you don’t accidentally hurt yourself in your enthusiasm for the sport.

Use the correct equipment

Any time you go bowling, you should make sure you’re wearing the correct size shoes and using the proper ball for your game. Finding the right size shoes should be easy, but how do you know what size ball to use?

You should be able to tell fairly easily by picking up the ball. It shouldn’t be uncomfortable or difficult for you to pick the ball up with one arm and swing it back and forth. There’s no shame in needing to use a lighter ball—do what’s right for your body and your game. Otherwise, you run the risk of straining your back.

For more information about how you can keep your back in good shape while bowling, contact Sparetimes or visit our bowling alley in Hampton, VA.

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