Are you frustrated by your performance whenever you’re bowling in Hampton, VA? If so, keep in mind this idea: good bowling is all about technique. Before you heave your ball away in a fit of anger, take some time to think through all the steps of a great turn on the lane.

Bowling involves lots of different techniques coming together, including gripping the ball correctly, developing a confident and effective stance and approaching the lane properly. But you need to ensure that your release of the bowling ball makes sure all your setup isn’t going to waste. Read on for some tips on how to release your ball with expertise:

  • Timing is everything: Before we even discuss how to release the ball, let’s talk through when to do so. If you release the ball too early in your downswing, it will hit the alley too close to you, and at a poor angle. This will cause the ball to lose the speed it needs to hit the pins with force. If you release the ball too late, during the upswing, it will most likely bounce on the lane and then veer off to one side. You’ll lose the control you need to direct the ball toward the pins. The perfect release time would be on the flat plane of the downswing, before you pass your toes. It’s tough to get this timing right, so practice is important.
  • Use a bit of acceleration: Right before you release the ball, you should accelerate your hand a bit to give the ball some additional speed. The best time to do this is about 12 inches before you release the ball.
  • Push rather than throw: A lot of people think about throwing the bowling ball down the lane, and this leads to many novice bowlers seeing the ball bounce its way toward the pins. Try to think of the release as pushing the ball out to the lane. If you think of it this way, you will want to release the ball as close to the floor as you can, rather than releasing too far into the upswing, and you’ll keep your follow-through low and outward as well.

Now that you have some of the tips you need to work on your ball release, why not perfect it by bowling in Hampton, VA? Stop by Sparetimes, a full-service bowling center that offers the best environment for having a blast while improving your game. When you need a break from all your hard work, Sparetimes even offers a snack bar and lounge so you can recharge and get back on the lanes.

With over 50 years of experience and expertise, the staff at Sparetimes will ensure you have an amazing time and have all the equipment you need for success. Once you’ve stepped up your bowling game, you might even want to join a league for additional fun and socializing. Stop by or call today for information on rates. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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