Trying to think of a first date plan can put a lot of pressure on people. You want to be sure you do something that will be enjoyable and give you lots of time to get to know the person, all while avoiding awkward moments. Most people opt for dinner or a drink, but one often-overlooked date idea is bowling.

If you’re skeptical about breaking out the bowling accessories in Hampton, VA, read on to find out why bowling can make a fabulous first date:

  • Avoid awkward silences: Sitting across from someone at a candlelit table can be pretty tense if there’s an abundance of silence. Bowling prevents this problem because the flow of the game itself doesn’t allow for a lot of open or free moments (unless you want it to). You can linger on the sidelines, but if any awkwardness pops up, the next bowler just needs to grab their ball and head to the lane.
  • Get a sense of your date’s personality: Bowling together can offer interesting insights into your date. Does he scream and do a fist pump in the air after every shot? Does she make self-effacing jokes and sheepishly walk back along the approach? Is he encouraging, or competitive? Watching your date while they play is a great way to find out what makes them tick and what their major personality traits are.
  • Enjoy safe physical contact: It’s often hard to get over the hurdle of first touching your date, but doing so is important to show that you’re attracted to them and comfortable with them. Thankfully, bowling takes the pressure off, because it provides lots of ways to touch that are non-threatening. You might give a high five or fist bump for a good bowl, or you could get more intimate by assisting with your date’s bowling form.
  • Explore the whole bowling alley: If bowling itself is not your thing, you have lots more to do at a bowling alley. Most bowling alleys include things like arcade games, pool tables or a restaurant and bar area. Whether you want to take a break for conversation or keep tackling new experiences together, bowling alleys offer tons of options.
  • Just the right ambience: If you do know more about your date, you can score points by choosing a bowling alley that fits their personality. Perhaps they love luxury and want to bowl at a fancier place with waiters and darker lights, or maybe they are very casual and want to bowl at a family-friendly bowling alley. Either way, you can find what suits them best.

As you get ready for your first date, consider warming up your bowling accessories in Hampton, VA and having a blast at Sparetimes, a locally owned, full-service bowling center. Since 1960, we’ve offered our visitors an amazing experience with more than just bowling.

On top of bowling, Sparetimes has a game room, a lounge and a snack bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. We have plenty of loyal customers who keep coming back to enjoy good times. Call or stop by today to scope out a great place for your date!

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