Bowling is all about fun, whether you’re enjoying the satisfying sound of a strike alone or laughing with your friends on league night. That’s enough of a reason to bowl in the first place, but once you find out about the added health benefits of bowling, you’ll want to spend even more time at your local bowling alley!

If you need more evidence for why you should consider joining a summer bowling league in Hampton, VA, read on for the scoop on bowling’s mental and physical health benefits:

  • Build those muscles: Carrying, swinging and releasing a bowling ball with an average weight of 14 pounds is an effective way to strengthen muscles, even if it seems like the turns are short. Each time you step up to the lane, you’re actively toning your upper body, including your hands, arms, chest and shoulders. You also walk a lot in bowling, and tense up during the release in ways that strengthen your leg muscles.
  • Burn off those calories: Building muscle is a surefire way to increase your calorie burns, as even resting muscles burn more calories than fat does. However, you’ll also work off some calories by walking. Most bowlers end up walking about a half mile during a three-game series, which helps them burn between 175 to 300 calories. That sure beats riding a stationary bike!
  • Improve your hand-eye coordination: Most people think of hand-eye coordination as something you use for sports where you catch balls, like baseball or football. But there’s a lot going on in your brain to line up what your body is doing with where the pins are located. You have to think about positioning and release deeply to have an accurate throw and score well in the game.
  • Develop your balance and flexibility: The way you approach the lane and release the ball is an artform, but what you probably don’t realize is that the way you lunge and stretch while releasing the ball also helps you become more flexible.
  • Feel better mentally: There are two main ways in which bowling improves your mental health. The first is that people who do stay physically active generally have better mental health due to the endorphins that are released during exercise. The second is that bowling is usually a social pursuit shared with friends, and building relationships is a surefire way to maintain and strengthen your happiness.

These are just a few great reasons to take part in summer bowling leagues in Hampton, VA, and one great place to sign up is Sparetimes! For nearly 60 years, Sparetimes has served the Hampton community by offering an amazing place to enjoy time with friends and family while bowling.

Sparetimes takes customer service seriously, and ensures that anyone who walks in will walk out happy. On top of bowling, we also host parties and events in our space. Call or stop by today to find out more about our summer leagues and get signed up—we look forward to welcoming you!

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