So, you’ve finally decided to purchase your own bowling ball, rather than relying on the balls they have at the bowling alley. Congratulations! Now the next question becomes whether or not you should buy another one.

If you play in a bowling league, you’ve probably seen bowlers carrying around large bags with two or more bowling balls in them. But is this beneficial for your game? Here’s some information to consider about this critical piece of bowling gear in Hampton, VA.

The benefit of a spare ball

Bowlers don’t just carry around an extra ball for the exercise. The majority of serious bowlers will roll their first shot with some spin. The spare ball, then, is used for a more precise second throw that does not hook away from any pins that are still left in the alley. Having greater precision allows you to pick up spares with more consistency, which means having a dedicated spare ball that gives you that accuracy and allows you to pick up more spares will, in turn, improve your game in the long run.

There are some bowlers, though, who say it isn’t necessary to have a spare. These are bowlers who have likely learned to alter their release for certain scenarios. There are other bowlers who do not hook their first ball and bowl straight on, which means they don’t need to worry about having different balls for different types of throws. Ultimately it comes down to your playing style and personal preference, but there’s no doubt that having a second ball on hand does give you some more options in terms of the kind of playing style you’ll be able to use in your bowling.

What to consider if you do get a second ball

So, if you’ve decided a second ball is a sensible purchase for you based on your game and bowling habits, then you need to figure out the type of ball you’re going to get. Again, for most people, the spare ball is one that is specifically used for precision with spares. A plastic ball is going to be the best choice for these types of scenarios, and that also happens to be the least expensive type of ball you can get.

You should use the same weight of ball for both your spare ball and your strike ball. This will help it feel familiar while you’re gripping it, and you won’t have to change up the speed of your release. You don’t have to worry about too many more variations other than weight when choosing plastic balls—just make sure that any ball you use has finger holes that are the right size for you, so you can avoid straining your fingers and wrists during the course of a game.

For more information about selecting bowling balls and other bowling gear in Hampton, VA, we encourage you to contact the team at Sparetimes today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have for us!

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