There are so many reasons to make your next event a bowling party! Bowling is a fun activity for all ages, it’s an activity that can be done regardless of the weather and it’s easy to host any size group. If you’re thinking about hosting a bowling party in Hampton, VA for your next event, read on for a few tips for throwing the perfect bowling party.

Choose a venue with a variety of activities

Let’s face it—most people these days have short attention spans, even when doing something fun. Not every person at your party will want to be bowling the entire time, so it’s good to have options. When choosing the venue for your bowling party, choose a facility that offers other activities, such as arcade games or pool tables. If you’re hosting a diverse group of guests with varying tastes and preferences, choosing a venue with a lot of activity options is a great way to make sure everyone is happy.

Choose a venue with party packages

A party package is a great way to get everything you want for your party, while saving a little money in the process. Party packages typically include food, drinks, shoe rentals and sometimes even paper party products, invitations and favors! In addition, a party package helps ensure that you have enough space and lanes to host your party and the venue can ensure that they are staffed appropriately. At Sparetimes, we offer a variety of party packages that can be customized to meet your unique needs.

Know what you can and can’t bring

Most bowling venues have rules on what types of party supplies you can bring in, what the venue will provide and what items are forbidden. Be sure that you check with the venue ahead of time to know what’s included with your package and what you are able to bring in. At Sparetimes, we offer bowling-themed party décor for your special event; however, you can bring in your own décor if you prefer. If you bring in your decorations the day before, our team will even set everything up for you!

Take advantage of everything your package has to offer

To make the most of the money spent, be sure to take full advantage of all the perks your party package includes. This will not only make hosting the party easier on you, but it will ensure that you are getting everything you paid for. For example, at Sparetimes, some of the special perks we offer include invitations, goodie bags and even a bowling pin for all the party guests to sign for that special someone!

At Sparetimes, we not only have the best packages for a bowling party in Hampton, VA, but our facility features a full-service snack bar and lounge, including pool tables and a game room. If this is your first time hosting a bowling party with us, don’t worry—we’re here to help! Call us today to learn more or schedule your special event.

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