Planning a birthday party, and not sure where to start? Well, once you’ve figured out your guest list, the next thing to do is pick out a venue. You’ll need a venue with enough space, activities to keep the party going and food (because you can’t have a party without food). If you’re stuck on a venue, you might want to consider hosting your birthday party at a bowling center. A bowling party offers everything you need to host a fantastic birthday!

Okay, now that the venue is settled, the next step is figuring out the details, such as decorations, cake and party favors. At Sparetimes, we specialize in helping our guests put together the perfect bowling birthday party in Hampton, VA. Here are a few of our favorite bowling-themed birthday party ideas to help you get started!


The first thing you need to do is get your invitations sent out. Sparetimes offers bowling-themed invitations of our own, but there are also lots of fun, cool invites you can make or purchase to send out to your guests. Whichever option you choose, a bowling-themed party invitation is sure to get your guests’ attention and get them in the party mood even before the big day!


At Sparetimes, we offer a full snack bar and include food for your guests in our party packages. We serve pizza, hot dogs, wings and so much more! However, if you want to skip the food at our venue and serve your guests a meal either before or after your bowling time, that’s fine, too. There are lots of fun bowling-themed snacks you can find online and make yourself.


We think that bowling-themed cakes are the icing on your bowling party, both literally and figuratively. There are lots of great options in the area for themed birthday cakes. For a variety of fun desserts, you can check out our dessert menu at Sparetimes, if you prefer. But if you want to bring in a bowling-themed cake for your guests, that works as well.


Last, but not least, don’t forget your party favors! Goodie bags are always a great option because you can decorate them to fit your theme and fill them with bowling-themed treats and other fun trinkets. However, if you want to avoid the hassle, Sparetimes offers goodie bags with our birthday party packages!


Having bowling-themed t-shirts made for your guests is not only a fun gift and a great way to say “thank you for coming,” but it helps you keep track of everyone at your party. For large parties, you can even use different colored t-shirts to separate your guests into teams. It’s a really fun add-on to any party and helps people get in to a partying spirit!

If you’re planning a bowling birthday party in Hampton, VA, let Sparetimes help! We offer a wide variety of party packages and will even provide you with a hostess for your big day. Just call us today to schedule your event!

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