Bowling is fun for kids and adults alike, so it’s important to learn some of the basic bowling rules and etiquette in Hampton, VA that are expected in a bowling center. When you respect the equipment and your fellow patrons, you make it easier for everyone to enjoy their experience. Here are some of our top tips to make sure you have a fun time at Sparetimes, whether you’re practicing for a tournament, having a night out with friends or teaching your little ones how to bowl.

General tips

  • Respect your fellow patrons: The folks next to you want to have a good time, too, so stay in your own lane, and keep your volume and language appropriate.
  • Wear bowling shoes: Always wear bowling shoes when you are anywhere near the lanes. These shoes are specially designed so that they won’t ruin the approaches or equipment, and it will keep your street shoes from tracking in dirt and debris.
  • Keep food and drink away from the approach: Spills are not only messy, but they can also be dangerous—the floors and bowling shoes are already slick, and a spill could cause someone to fall.
  • If it’s not your turn, stay off the approach: The series of lines before the foul line are that lane’s “approach,” where the bowlers step forward to throw the ball. Do not stand on the approach at any other time than during your turn.

Rules for your own lane

  • Be ready for your turn: After the pins are set and the bar is raised, get ready to take your turn—unless there’s someone doing the same thing on your right, in which case you need to wait for them to finish. When you’re done, step off the approach.
  • Don’t step over the foul line: It’s not just a foul, but you risk tracking oil from the lanes onto the approach, which is a slip risk.
  • Keep the spare ball off the ball return: Move the spare ball from the ball return’s exit to the rack off to the side, so the machine isn’t obstructed.

Respect the other lanes

  • Don’t intrude on someone else’s lane: You might be having fun, but if your party spills over into the other lane or the other lane’s approach, that’s a serious (and annoying) breach of etiquette.
  • Cede to the right: When you step up to the approach, check both lanes to make sure no one else is readying their shot. If they are, the person to the right has the right of way. Let them take their turn, and then take yours.
  • Let your fellow patrons concentrate: Bowling is a sport, and sports require concentration. Try not to distract the other bowlers with excessive noise, especially on the approach.

Now that you know the most common bowling rules and etiquette in Hampton, VA, come join us at Sparetimes! We serve bowlers of all ages and experience levels, and want to help making your bowling experience as fun and safe as possible. We also sell high-quality bowling supplies and gear and host a variety of leagues. Stop by today to learn more!

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