When you have your own custom bowling ball, you are bound to get better scores and improve your skills. Professional bowling equipment allows you to customize the weight and finger holes to your exact needs, and the results will pleasantly surprise you.

Many beginners are overwhelmed with the number of options available, and are worried about how to choose the right one. Here’s an overview of the main options. When you’re interested in buying a bowling ball in Hampton, VA, feel free to stop by Sparetimes to browse our selection and get some expert assistance.

Ball type

The type of ball you should choose depends on whether you’re trying to learn to hook the ball or simply throw it straight. For those who simply want to throw the ball straight, they can use the “spare” or “plastic” balls, made of polyurethane. They’re good for hobbyists who like having a custom ball but won’t be trying to make a living from bowling tournaments. Plastic balls are more cost-effective, ranging from $50 to $100.

For those learning to hook the ball, you’ll want an entry-level performance ball. They’re usually priced around $80 to $130, and are good for this level of skill.

Ball weight

Your custom ball should be about one to two pounds heavier than your usual rental bowling ball. When you get a custom bowling ball, it will feel lighter. That’s because the custom-drilled finger holes make it easier to grip, so you’re not expending extra effort like you would with an alley ball.

Ball grip

You have two choices with grip: conventional grip, meaning that you’ll put your thumb all the way into the ball and your fingers in to the second knuckle, or a fingertip grip, in which the thumb goes all the way into the ball and your fingers in to the first knuckle. Most alleys use conventional grip bowling balls for their rentals.

If you choose a fingertip grip, you may want to use inserts. Inserts are plugs that go into the finger holes and help you create more friction and drag with less effort.

If you’re not sure which type of grip to get, we recommend going with a conventional grip if you’re learning to throw straight, but a fingertip grip with inserts if you’re learning to hook the ball.

Drilling finger holes

Finally, it’s time to drill. The pro shop at Sparetimes will be happy to help you pick out your ball and drill it for you. We’ll measure your fingers and span, drill the ball and have it back to you as soon as possible.

Get help choosing a bowling ball in Hampton, VA

It’s always fun to pick out your first bowling ball, and the friendly team at Sparetimes is ready to help. Since 1960, we’ve offered more than 30 lanes as well as a pro shop, full bar and game room to ensure our customers have a wonderful experience every time. Call or stop by today to get help choosing the right bowling ball in Hampton, VA.

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