As you learn to bowl, you’ll start noticing other players using different equipment, from custom balls to bowling gloves. We’re often asked whether a player actually needs bowling gloves, what they do and whether they’ll help improve their scores. While every player is different, most players find that using bowling gloves does improve their form and scores—and when you’re ready to get your own pair of bowling gloves in Hampton, VA, our pro shop and team of experts is ready to help you make the right selection.

What bowling gloves do

As a bowler, you’re constantly throwing a heavy weight on one side of your body, which causes strain. Not only are you straining the muscles, but you’re also in danger of damaging your ligaments and joints, if you’re not careful.

Bowling gloves provide support by bracing your limb and joints, which also helps improve form. They’re also great for grip, padding and improving form. Depending on what you want to target most, certain gloves will work better than others. Here’s a closer look at how using bowling gloves in Hampton, VA can help:

  • Support: Depending on your needs, you’ll find that certain gloves are better than others for support. From gloves that just wrap around the hand to ones that go all the way up to the elbow, you have a variety of support options. These can also help heal or protect past injuries from reoccurring.
  • Grip: When you have a better grip on the ball, you won’t need to expend as much effort while gripping and releasing it. These gloves also protect the hands from sweating too much, which can affect your grip.
  • Padding: Constantly picking up and throwing a heavy ball takes its toll on your skin. While you’ll almost certainly develop calluses, you’ll be less likely to form blisters or other painful skin irritations.
  • Form: Finally, structured bowling gloves can help improve your form. As you may know, your form makes a huge difference in how effective your throws are. These gloves are especially good if you have weakened limbs that make it difficult to maintain proper form. Others simply find them helpful because they restrict the movement of the hand, wrist and forearm so that it’s easier to hold good form.

When you buy your first pair of bowling gloves, you should consider what you’d most like to get out of them, as well as try on different kinds to see which feel the best. If you have questions, the Sparetimes team would be happy to assist!

Pick up some new bowling gloves in Hampton, VA

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