It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a seasoned roller who bowls four times a week—everyone wants to improve their bowling score in Hampton, VA. Getting better at a hobby is always a surefire way to enjoy it more, and there are some simple bowling pointers that you can consider to help you take your game to the next level.

Consistency is key

As with most things, practice in bowling makes perfect. An easy way to improve bowling scores in Hampton, VA is to make sure you are doing the exact same thing every time you step up to the line. Your foot placement, arm swing, follow-through and other physical motions should all be as consistent as possible. Once you have your basic motion down pat you can start considering other bowling score tips in Hampton, VA that can help you take your game into the stratosphere.

Placement on the line

Where you’re standing is a key part of where you can expect the bowling ball to go once it leaves your grasp. If your ball tends to have some action on it, you can stand on the line to the left or the right accordingly to make sure you’re having it go where you want. There is no real secret to this—it just takes practice. You will find the perfect placement for your own preferences and find that you are well on your way to improving your bowling score in Hampton, VA.

Pick up the spares

Spares are the easiest way to leave points on the board, and elevating your game by picking up more of them is a simple way to improve your score. Every spare that you used to miss is worth an extra 10 points, so you’re potentially leaving dozens of points off the table by not improving at this one specific shot. Spend the time practicing getting comfortable with sniping spares all over the place and you’ll see your scores rise in no time.

Strikes help you soar

It sounds obvious, but strikes are the easiest way to see your scores jump through the roof. If you can master the hooking motion that gets your ball into the best position to score a strike, you’ll see your game improve exponentially.

As with most tips like these, this is easier said than done, but a quick lesson is that you want your hand as far down the ball as possible and have your fingers come up through as you roll it down the lane. This will give the ball far more revolutions than you had likely previously been getting, putting much more action on the ball and giving you the desired hook that can lead to more thunderous strikes than ever before.

Working on your bowling game takes time, but there’s no better place to practice than at Sparetimes. You can take all the time you need to work on some of these suggested bowling score tips in Hampton, VA, and our staff will be happy to walk you through some new ones. Before you know it, you’ll be the toast of your league.

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