In a lot of ways, bowling is an intuitive sport—all you have to do is throw the ball, avoid the gutter and knock down some pins. Once you’ve learned enough control and form to keep the ball out of the gutter, you might be wondering how to improve your scores even more. When you’re consistently knocking down pins, it’s the perfect time to incorporate these handy bowling tips in Hampton, VA to further improve your bowling score.

In bowling, 300 is a perfect game, and this can only happen when you get a strike in each of the first nine frames, plus three more in the tenth frame. If you’re bowling well below 100 and a strike feels like a distant dream, don’t worry—with some time and practice, you’ll get closer to your perfect game:

  • Be aware of your posture: When you’re learning different releases and techniques, it’s important that you are aware of your posture and arm position during the swing. You should try to be as consistent as possible so that it’s clear which variations work and which ones don’t.
  • Get the right ball: A heavier ball isn’t always better. Try a few different weights as you learn which work for you and which are less effective. While some people feel they do better with a heavier ball, it’s most important that you have adequate control over it.
  • Go for the spares: Even if you’re not getting strikes as often as you’d like, picking up spares can dramatically increase your score.
  • Watch your aim: When you’re aiming for the pins, you should either aim for the 1 and 3 pins if you’re right-handed, or the 1 and 2 pins if you’re a lefty. This increases the chances of your getting a strike, because it puts the ball in the perfect position to knock the pins over in a way that takes them all down at once.
  • Start learning to throw a hook: A hook is a type of throw that curves the ball while it’s coming down the lane. This makes it easier to throw strikes, but it can be a challenge to learn. There are many resources about how to throw a hook. You can also ask the staff at Sparetimes for our best tips.
  • Practice: Finally, while it may seem obvious, your best bet is to practice. Even weekly sessions at Sparetimes will go a long way toward improving your form, technique and overall ability—plus, it’s great, fun exercise!

Improve your bowling score in Hampton, VA

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