The idea of cracking a custom bowling ball is horrifying to most dedicated bowlers, but it can happen. Cracked or chipped bowling balls perform unreliably, making it impossible for you to accurately aim down the lane. Is cracked bowling ball repair possible in Hampton, VA? It depends on the materials and the extent of the damage.

How bowling balls can chip or crack

The most common causes of bowling ball damage are mishandling and extreme temperature or humidity differences. Bowling balls are sturdy, but they still need to be stored properly (in a protective bag, away from heavy objects that can fall on them, in a cool, dry environment). Mishandling can also occur during the drilling process, so it’s always advisable to leave that to the professionals.

Since bowling balls are made of three different layers of materials, they can react to temperature and humidity differences. If you remember your elementary school science classes, heat and humidity can cause materials to expand and contract. If you subject your bowling ball to sudden, drastic changes in the ambient temperature, those layers of materials can expand and contract at different rates, causing cracks.

Repairing bowling balls

If your ball has a huge or deep crack in it, forget it—you’re much better off saving the time and getting a new ball. However, if the damage is small or cosmetic, you may be able to save your bowling ball. (Bear in mind that some leagues do not allow balls that have been repaired, and even small repairs may still affect your ball’s accuracy.)

Small chips and scrapes are the easiest repairs to make—they’re cosmetic, so they probably won’t have as much of an effect on your game as larger repairs. To fix small amounts of damage, you’ll need to sand the entire ball down with sandpaper, being sure to keep it wet during the process, and then apply a polish to refinish the surface.

Cracks can be repaired with the help of a bowling ball repair kit—or you can buy sealant, sandpaper and polish on your own. Cracks have to be sealed thoroughly and completely set before you sand down the surface. This can take as long as three days, depending on the sealant.

Just as you’d do with cosmetic damage, your next steps are to sand down the entire ball and apply a polish. Be sure to be careful around the crack, and let the polish dry completely before using your ball in the lanes once more.

Now that your ball is repaired, be sure to store it properly!

Get more bowling ball care tips in Hampton, VA

If you need advice on whether your bowling ball can be repaired or should be replaced, stop by the pro shop at Sparetimes today. Our friendly, knowledgeable team can help you decide what to do—and if it’s time to invest in a new ball or other bowling equipment, we’ll be more than happy to help you find the right gear. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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