Splits are one of the most challenging parts of any bowler’s hobby. They occur when the first ball of a frame knocks down the number 1 pin but leaves multiple non-adjacent pins standing. It can take a considerable amount of skill, knowledge and luck to know what to do next. But, with some easy bowling tips in Hampton, VA, it’s possible to pick up more splits and see your scores climb.

Practice makes perfect

Very few people are born as great bowlers, but many people can become great at their craft through simple perseverance. Bowling lessons in Hampton, VA are a great way to get better at the sport, but you should also be devoting the time to practice on your own. There is no substitute for getting out there on your own and seeing what happens when you start rolling. You’ll find split combinations that are unorthodox and will start to develop your own strategies and tactics that can help you tackle them.

Work the angles

Taking down splits is, in large part, about giving yourself good angles. If you’re staring down a 4-10 or a 6-7 split, give yourself a chance by moving closer to the most forward pin. This gives you a bigger chunk of the away side of the forward pin to aim at, and subsequently a bigger margin for error. Splits are largely about skill and practice, but they’re also about giving yourself the best possible chance to convert.

Make sure you have an understanding of angles and what you’re trying to do, and position yourself accordingly. And don’t forget to ask the friendly staff at Sparetimes, who are always eager to give customers the best bowling tips in Hampton, VA.

The 7-10 split: One hot strategy

The 7-10 split is almost mythological in its difficulty. Many novice bowlers consider it basically impossible—how can they possibly knock over the two pins in the back corners of the lane? There is a strategy you can use, though. First, pick a light ball to increase accuracy and decrease spin. Next, align yourself on the left side of the lane if you’re a righty (switch if you’re a lefty). Look at the pin on your side of the lane, focus on its inside edge and give the ball a fast roll.

The idea here is to knock the pin against the side wall so it can spin across and take out the other pin. This is the most difficult split to pick up, but with some simple bowling tips in Hampton, VA, you’ll be a pro in no time.

Working through splits is one of the most challenging things a bowler can do. Practice will only help, so be sure to come to Sparetimes for more information about our hours and lane availability. Take the time to rent a lane alone or with one or two friends and really work through possible split combos. You’ll soon find that you’re developing your own tactics, and before you know it, no split combination will surprise you and you’ll be well on your way to a better game and a more fun experience.

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