If you’re an avid bowler—no matter what your skill level may be—you might enjoy participating in or even starting a bowling league in Hampton, VA. Bowling leagues offer an opportunity for socialization and skill improvement, and if you’re good enough, perhaps even some prizes.

For anyone who is new to an area or looking to make new friends while getting out of the house and getting some healthy exercise, bowling leagues are a great way to get started. They don’t require a lot of work at the outset—just some simple organizational duties—and can bring together people from disparate walks of life. In fact, most bowling centers are happy to help you find league members—let the team at Sparetimes help!

Here are some bowling league facts and tips that can help you start a league of your own in Hampton, VA:

  • You’ll need organizational skills: Part of starting a league is putting in a little prep—you need to decide the league length, set a schedule and make an awards budget. This will require that you set a weekly price point (which helps pay for the lanes, shoe rentals and awards).
  • Decide what kind of league you want: Is this a “serious” league or something more social? Are you hoping to attract bowlers of a certain skill level, or do you want to create an inclusive environment for beginners? It’s entirely up to you.
  • Work with your bowling center: Depending on which bowling center you choose, you may have specific requirements to fulfill (such as league length, number of members and more). Some centers will perform record-keeping tasks for you, while other times those duties will be left up to you.
  • Get ready to advertise: After you’ve established the basics of your league, you’ll need to start recruiting members. We suggest not only asking your bowling center to help you get the word out, but posting flyers at work, church, school and other high-traffic areas—you never know who might secretly be able to score a perfect game. Social media is another great place to advertise and promote your league.
  • Come up with a catchy name: Choosing your league’s name can be one of the most enjoyable parts of getting started—be sure to have fun with it.

With just a little prep, you and your best bowling buddies can meet up weekly for exercise, socialization and maybe even a little lighthearted trash talking.

Start your own bowling league in Hampton, VA

If you’re ready to start your own league, the team at Sparetimes is happy to help and host. Our bowling center offers 32 well-maintained lanes, a pro shop, bar, snack bar, pool tables and game room. Your league is guaranteed to bring hours of enjoyment when you host it with us. If you’re interested in joining—but not running—a league, we offer summer and winter leagues for bowlers of all skill levels. Call or stop by today to find out how you can join us.

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