Anyone can walk into an alley and rent a lane for a few hours, but it takes a genuinely passionate bowler to register for and carry through with competing in a tournament. Tournaments are a real test of your abilities, regardless of your skill level. They’re competitive, they’re fun and they’ll only deepen your passion for the sport of bowling. To make the most out of a tournament, however, you’ll need to prepare. After all, you may not win, but that doesn’t mean you should phone in your effort.

Before you roll your first strike, here are some tips to maximize your bowling tournament preparation in Hampton, VA.

Check for signs of wear on your ball

The first step for preparing for a bowling tournament is to make sure your primary tool—your bowling ball—is ready to get the job done. Check the finger holes for signs of cracks or wear and tear that may necessitate replacement. If it has been some time since you had your bowling ball resurfaced, that might be a good idea, as well. After all, the smoother the surface of your bowling ball, the easier it will be to control.

How do your shoes slide?

Any veteran bowler can tell you that a proper bowling form means having a pair of shoes that will slide a little bit during your approach. If your shoes aren’t providing this little boost to your throw, then you should consider repairing them before tournament play. If you want a leg up on preparing for a bowling tournament in Hampton, VA, you can find out what kind of surface you’ll be playing on—wood or vinyl—and purchase shoes that will work best. A lot of modern shoes actually come with soles that can be replaced to match whatever surface you’re playing on.

Collect the accessories

Playing in a tournament means more than just showing up with your own ball and your own pair of shoes. It also means coming equipped with the other accessories you’ll need to play well. Your tournament bag should contain a clean bowling towel, an approved compound you can use to clean your ball and some bowling tape, should the need arise.

Hit the lanes

Once your ball, your shoes and the rest of your bowling accessories are squared away, the best thing you can do to prep for a tournament is to simply hit the lanes. When you play, act as though you’re in tournament play. That means take it seriously, assume the correct posture and be sure to focus on the individual elements of your physical game.

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