When compared to most other sports and games, bowling is pretty relaxed on its regulations and overall decorum. The rules are straightforward, and the atmosphere is light. After all, casual bowlers can even indulge in the occasional drink or two while they’re hitting the lanes. As with any sport, however, bowling does have rules of etiquette, guidelines that help you play as a more productive member of the bowling community.

If you’ve ever wondered about bowling etiquette in Hampton, VA, here’s a primer for you.

Don’t roll while the sweep bar is down

From top to bottom, bowling is a game about timing. From the way you throw the ball to the way you approach the line, timing makes a huge difference. One of the first feats of timing to master is one of the easiest, too. When the pins from the previous frame are being cleared, get up and get your ball ready. Then, wait until the clearing mechanism—known as the sweep bar—has been lifted out of place before you throw.

If you throw too early, you could harm the lifting mechanism. If you throw too late, you risk agitating your teammates waiting to throw behind you.

Know when to go

Once the sweep bar is raised and your frame has been set up, you’re free to roll. If someone on a lane to the left or right of you is ready to throw at the same time, the rules indicate that you should defer to the person on the right. In other words, if you’re prepared to go and someone on your left is prepared to roll at the same moment, they should wait for you to complete your turn.

Approach carefully

The stretch of floor between the ball dispenser and the foul line is called the approach. This area is game territory, and as such, there are rules for conducting yourself.

For example, never cross into another lane when you’re on the approach. You should also get set up behind the approach so that you aren’t occupying someone else’s visual space who’s trying to prep for the shot. Finally, when your shot is complete, exit the approach quickly and quietly. You can have your reaction in the lounge area.

Be quiet when someone is about to roll

Bowling is undoubtedly a ton of fun. It’s active, but it also gives you time to chat with your friends. When you’re hanging out in the lounge area, that’s all well and good. When someone has set up and is attempting to roll the ball down the lane, trying to talk to them directly is very rude. It can break concentration, ruin a throw and put an unexpected dampener on the experience.

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