Eventually, the COVID-19 restrictions will end, and you will likely be ready to spend some time with friends enjoying activities. This could be a great time to try something new, and if you have never bowled before, we would love to welcome you. This is not just about hitting pins—there are bowling health benefits, too. Here are five health benefits of bowling you can enjoy once the lockdown ends in Hampton, VA:

  • Movement: Bowling is not without activity. While you may consider bowling a sport where you sit around until it is your turn, those walks back and forth start to add up. You are also working your body as you lift the ball and roll it down the lane. It is estimated that a bowler walks ⅗ of a mile during a three-game series, which can add up to 170 to 300 calories burned. While this may sound like a drop in the bucket, it is more than what you would burn merely sitting at home watching TV.
  • Strength and toning: The walking strengthens the lower body, and lifting the ball and rolling it down the lane helps with your arm and hand strength. You are also stretching and conditioning tendons, ligaments and joints. Many of these areas take a beating with repetitive stress injuries when you are working on a keyboard all day in the office. However, if you work bowling into your recreational routine, you minimize the impacts.
  • Better social life: We cannot live entirely online. Bowling, whether it is at a work party, league play or merely getting together with friends, is a social activity. It forces you out and gives you a chance to converse with other people. Retired folks and those who live alone often benefit from the weekly social schedule associated with bowling leagues. If you feel you need to get out a bit more, bowling can help you accomplish that.
  • Accessible: You can start bowling at any age. Bowlers range from preschoolers to active senior citizens pushing 90 years old. The risk of injury is low, and that often allows people to bowl for most of their lives. There are even leagues designed for people in wheelchairs or those who are blind. This makes bowling an accessible sport that can be enjoyed by people of all abilities.
  • Stress relief: Stress is a killer, and often contributes to heart disease and cancer. When it eats you up alive, you may face mental health effects as well. Bowling demands little of you, and it is fun. You also get a chance to relax with friends and forget your troubles for a while. The social and physical benefits will reduce stress and increase your quality of life.

Sparetimes anxiously awaits the possibility of reopening soon. When we do, we will continue to welcome seasoned pros and new bowlers alike. If you would like to enjoy the health benefits of bowling in Hampton, VA, consider one of our summer leagues, or just come on by to enjoy your first afternoon out once the lockdown ends.

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