How was your last game before the COVID-19 lockdown started? Maybe you earned the best score in your life, or felt like you could do a little better. While our lanes are closed, nothing stops you from learning how to throw a perfect bowling game in Hampton, VA. It starts with knowing how to throw a bowling ball better. Here are five tips for improving your game:

  • Choose the correct ball weight: Many people walk into a bowling alley and, upon seeing all the house balls available, feel suddenly overwhelmed. They may choose a ball that is not the correct weight for them. The best rule of thumb for weight is to choose a ball that is 10 percent of your body weight, but no heavier than 16 pounds. Go as heavy as you can lift comfortably. Without weight, the ball will not roll accurately. If you are buying a ball, the pro shop will likely choose a heavier weight than you would for a house ball. That is because you will eventually get used to it, and if it becomes too light for you, it will throw off your form.
  • Do not forget the finger holes: The finger holes in a ball should fit just right. Avoid balls where the holes are too small or big. Also, you should not have to stretch your hand to reach all the holes. There should be enough room between your hand and the ball to fit a pencil under your palm. This ensures you are not overstretching or gripping too tightly.
  • Avoid the twist: Those gutter balls result from you twisting your arm or hand as you throw the ball. Keep your wrist straight and hold your hand straight when you swing the ball out and back. For a hook shot, rotate slightly to the opposite side, but do not exaggerate this movement. Also, never look at the pins or your hand, but keep your eyes on the arrows in the lane. This will help you keep the correct form.
  • Do not forget the follow through: Let go of the ball near your ankles and keep following through until your form resembles a handshake. This ensures that you finish your throw and gives it the necessary power. If you stop just as you let go of the ball, it will not hit the pins as hard, and a possible strike may turn into a difficult spare.
  • Experiment with angles: Once we are open again, try some laid-back, low-stakes games to practice new types of throws. Sometimes, hitting pins head-on will not work, especially if they are split down the middle. Work on hook shots, or throw a curve into your form. This helps you prepare for challenging situations that may have completely stumped your game.

Sparetimes is an independently owned and operated bowling alley. Due to COVD-19, we are currently closed, but are hoping to reopen in June 2020. If  you wish to throw a perfect bowling game, check out our pro shop before you bowl or ask us how to throw a bowling ball in Hampton, VA. We look forward to seeing our customers soon!

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