Most people we know who bowl regularly like what they like—if they find a ball that works for them, they’ll use it for years or even decades. There’s something comforting about having equipment that you can rely on, but unfortunately the time may come when it must be replaced. If you’re in the market for new footwear, you know that the need to break in new bowling shoes in Hampton, VA is not something that’s always welcome. However, if you do it right, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the simple and comfortable results next time you step up to the line at Sparetimes:

  • Wear them around the house: As with any other pair of shoes, it’s an unfortunate fact that not much can replace the experience of actually wearing them to break in your bowling shoes in Hampton, VA. If you lace them up and walk around your house a bit while wearing them, it will really give you a head start on beating the discomfort that can often come with new shoes.
  • Practice makes perfect: Make sure when you go to the bowling center with your new shoes that you slap them on and then take a few practice slides. This will help you get a better idea of how they perform and prevent any slips that can mess up scores or injure ankles.
  • Stay put near your lane: If you’re at the bowling center, it’s usually best to try and stay out of the concourse area once your bowling shoes are on. It’s easy to pick up debris and liquid this way that can affect the performance of your shoes. If you find you need to go grab a snack or use the restroom, it’s best to put on bowling shoe protectors so you don’t undo the work you did to break in your new bowling shoes in Hampton, VA.
  • Experiment on your own: It might be worth your time to rent a lane alone and just experiment with your new shoes. Many models come with interchangeable soles and heels that let you customize your footwear, and it can really just be a matter of trial and error to figure out which ones work best for you.
  • Brush them down: If your practice slides reveal that you still can’t really slide easily in the new shoes, it’s time to break out the shoe brush. When you break in new bowling shoes in Hampton, VA, it’s helpful to give the bottoms a brisk going-over with the brush and avoid using sliding powder, which can compromise the lane for all of the bowlers in your group (and afterwards).

Getting and using new equipment is a fun part of any sport or hobby. Whether you’re just starting out as a bowler or have been at it for years, new shoes are one of those things that take time to get broken in properly. If you have any questions at all about how you can select and work with bowling equipment, our entire staff is well-versed in these areas. Feel free to swing by Sparetimes or give us a call today!

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