Like any other sporting equipment, bowling balls require maintenance and care, including cleaning. However, bowling ball cleaning is not as simple as using soap and water and hoping for the best. You need to be careful so you preserve the finish and prevent damage. Here are five tips on cleaning a bowling ball in Hampton, VA for maximum performance and a shiny surface:

  • Clean between throws: When bowling, a dirt-free ball will help your scores. Between throws, wipe out the finger holes to keep them grease-free and help your grip become more stable. Wipe your hands with a towel so you don’t add to the buildup of dirt and oils. Also, consider rubbing off the lane oil and wax by using a microfiber towel, and in cases where the buildup is obvious, add some alcohol to the towel for extra cleaning.
  • Address the scuffs: Unless you made a clearly reckless throw, most ball scuffs can be buffed out. Use a ball cleaner or a towel to address them. Check for scuffs as balls emerge from the return system, as that’s where they receive most scuffs. Deep scuffs can attract more dirt and lane oil, which could throw off your game and even impact your scores.
  • Know how to polish: You will not have to polish your ball often, but if you are a frequent bowler, this is something you need to know how to do. Use a liquid or gel cleaner designed for this job. These products are made specifically for bowling balls and offer deep cleaning for ground-in dirt and grease. If it’s been a while since you cleaned or polished, purchase a surfactant cleaner so dirt is pulled from microscopic pores in your balls. A pro shop can give your ball a deep clean and polish, but if you compete in multiple leagues or even branch out into professional tournaments, consider getting your own ball spinner so it’s easier to polish at home.
  • Be careful: For surface cleaning, dish soap is a nice cleaner, especially for tough stains. However, do not soak the ball for more than 15 minutes, and only use soft-bristle brushes when they are needed. Otherwise, you risk warping the ball, and you’ll never make a straight shot again. If you have a urethane ball, avoid solvents like acetone or methyl ethyl ketone, and do not use an abrasive cleaner on any bowling ball.
  • Call a pro: If you don’t have the supplies to address stains or damage to your bowling ball, don’t try to fix it yourself. Rather than risk needing to replace your bowling ball, contact your pro shop to see if there are options to restore it.

Sparetimes is open for fun, so clean your bowling ball and put on your mask and give us a call today to book a party or simply enjoy the lanes. Our pro shop in Hampton, VA can also help you with bowling ball cleaning if your ball requires extra care and preservation before you start competing in our leagues.

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