Your choice of bowling ball size could make or break your game. Many people who visit Sparetimes in Hampton, VA take a while to choose their bowling ball weight and frequently choose the lightest ball, thinking that’s the best option for them. However, the right bowling ball weight for you depends on factors beyond just being able to lift it. Here are four elements to consider when choosing your bowling ball:

  • Age: House balls range in weight from six to 16 pounds. The lightweight balls that weigh in at six, eight and 10 pounds are designed for children. For teenagers, a weight range of 11 to 14 pounds is optimal, depending on their strength and skill. Most adults should start at 14 pounds, although senior citizens work with 10 pounds and up. While this rule is not foolproof or applicable to everyone, it is a good place to start when choosing your ball.
  • Drill hole placement: House balls have random drill holes to fit the general public. A lighter ball may not fit your hand due to the position of the drill holes. Also, the size of the drill holes is a big factor. There is no point in getting a light ball if you cannot fit your fingers in the holes. If you buy your own ball, the holes are always custom drilled to your hands. That is why someone else’s ball may not perform well for you, even if you are similar to them in strength or skill.
  • Skill level: The advantage of a heavier ball is that it will move quicker and take out more pins. While a slow and accurate throw will likely gain higher scores at first, eventually you will want to master spins and speed that will gain you points in harder shots. Those who are just goofing off at the range for the day should choose the heaviest ball they can handle using the age rules above. If you are buying a ball, the normal approach is to take the weight you usually use and add two pounds. This allows you to grow into the ball as you become stronger, so the ball does not become too light for you.
  • Hand strength: Even if you can comfortably lift 14 pounds, you may have a shortcoming with grip strength. That’s why people often downgrade their ball weight as they age—even if they can still propel 14 pounds down the lane, their hands give up before the frame ends. If you have arthritis or other conditions that diminish grip strength, prioritize drill hole compatibility and go as heavy as your grip strength will allow. This will help you control the ball better and prevent hand fatigue.

Sparetimes is open for business, as long as you wear a face shield or mask. We offer lane time for individuals, groups and parties who are looking for a new way to celebrate or get out of the summer heat. We are ready to help you choose the right bowling ball weight and size for your game in Hampton, VA.

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