Although it’s certainly not the most dangerous sport, bowlers still need to be careful while they’re playing the game. Since bowling injuries are possible both for players and for those watching, it’s important to know some basic bowling safety rules in Hampton, VA. Continue reading to learn how to be safe while you’re at the bowling alley:

  • Shoes: They might look a little goofy, but bowling shoes must be worn at all times when you’re playing. Just any shoes won’t do, though. Ensure you get the proper fit for your feet to avoid slipping on the approach. Additionally, ensure the soles are moisture free and your shoes are tied before it’s your turn to roll.
  • Ball: You can’t bowl without a ball, and you can’t bowl safely unless you have the correct ball. If you don’t have your own ball, pick up a few different ones before your first turn. Never try to bowl with a ball that’s too heavy or a ball with finger holes that are too small. If you need help picking a ball, just ask a staff member for help.
  • Approach: Most slips, trips and falls occur when a bowler is approaching the line. Before throwing the ball, one of our best safety tips for bowling in Hampton, VA is to inspect the approach and take practice slides. If the floor is sticky or slippery, ask an attendant to clean up the area before continuing to bowl.
  • Foul line: You’ve probably noticed that bowling lanes are treated with oil to help the ball roll more smoothly. For that reason, it’s crucial that you don’t step past the foul line when throwing. If you happen to cross the line and touch the oil, wipe your shoes off with a wet towel right away. Continuing to bowl with a slick sole could end in disaster.
  • Ball return: The ball return has a lot of moving parts, and those balls come out pretty quickly. One of our safety tips for bowling in Hampton, VA is to watch your fingers when you’re waiting for a ball. Smashing your finger or hand is a quick way to ruin an evening at the bowling center.
  • Stuck balls: Whether it’s in the ball return or down by the pins, never try to retrieve a stuck ball by yourself. The mechanical equipment that handles the balls can trap your fingers, leading to serious injuries.
  • Tripping hazards: Many bowling alleys have a step or two leading from the waiting area to the lane—be careful not to trip while you’re walking up to bowl! Be sure to keep all bags, coats and other personal items out of the way to minimize tripping.

Bowl at Sparetimes!

When it comes to ensuring both fun and safe bowling, nobody tops Sparetimes. From clean shoes to polished bowling balls, we’re the best when it comes to abiding by bowling safety rules in Hampton, VA. Call us today to schedule your next bowling party or drop by to play a few games!

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