So, you just got your first custom bowling ball—congratulations! In between games, it’s important that you store it safely. Otherwise, you could open your bag one day to find out that the ball has been cracked all the way around. Read on to learn more about bowling ball storage tips in Hampton, VA.

Why bowling balls crack in storage

Your bowling ball is made up of several different materials. The center, or the core of the ball, is made from a heavy rock-like material. Meanwhile, the outer coating has more elasticity—it’s almost “springy” on the lane and will help your ball glide safely.

If you store your bowling ball and don’t touch it for months at a time, gravity and the core will work together to cause cracks. The heavy core puts strain on the outer coverstock layer. If left long enough, the ball will crack. The cracks can then spread around the entire surface of your ball. With most custom balls ranging from $50 to $250, you’ll probably want to protect your investment.

Storing your ball safely

The key to storing your ball safely is to rotate it a quarter turn every week or so. This helps relieve the pressure on the coverstock layer, and will prevent the ball from developing any cracks when it’s not in use.

You should always store your ball in a zippered bag to keep dust and open air off the surface. Your bowling ball was cured at the factory, but it will continue to cure for months or years afterward. Keeping the open air off your ball will ensure it’s able to cure properly.

While the ball is curing, store it in a tightly-fitted Ziploc bag, or a plastic bag with twist ties. The more air you can keep out, the better it will cure. Store the plastic-wrapped ball in your bowling bag, in a cool dry place with stable temperatures. These steps will prevent mold and mildew from forming on the surface of the ball.

Changing the grip inserts

Finally, when pulling your ball out of storage, don’t forget to change the grip inserts. They should be changed every three to four months (or 60 to 80 games), as dirt, rosin, oils and conditioners can build up on the inside. The grips, which are made of a soft rubber material, will also expand as you use them. This makes it harder to maintain your grip. Regularly changing your grip inserts will help you keep tighter control and strike with more precision.

If you have more questions about how to safely store your bowling ball in Hampton, VA, or why it’s so important, be sure to talk to the team at Sparetimes’s Pro Shop. Our bowling experts can walk you through everything you need to know to keep it in great shape, as well as set you up with the products you need.

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