There’s no magical secret that helps a player to bowl a perfect game. Achieving all twelve strikes requires a ton of practice and a little bit of luck. Players in Hampton, VA will heighten their chances by practicing both physical and mental techniques. Below are a few simple tips to bowl a perfect game.

Calm your nerves

Bowling is all about your mentality. Sure, there’s skill involved, but you’re most likely to bowl a perfect game with a calm mind. Don’t psych yourself out if you just bowled eleven strikes and are on the final frame. Players perform their best when they forget about the pressure of a perfect game and focus on the task at hand: the current frame and the ball in your hand.

Establish a pre-game ritual if you haven’t already. Some players like to stretch, listen to music, meditate or practice positive visualization. Whatever you choose, make it consistent. Everyone’s ritual is different, so figure out what works best for you.

Bowl one strike at a time

If twelve strikes in a row sounds like a lot, that’s because it is! One of the best tips to bowl a perfect game is to ignore how many frames are ahead of you. Focus on achieving one strike at a time. Otherwise, you’ll get overwhelmed and completely throw off your game.

It sounds cheesy, but you have to be present in the moment. Don’t get distracted by doubt or the fear of disappointment. Pretend every frame is an individual competition, and in order to win, all you have to do is bowl a single strike. All those strikes will begin to add up!

Take a deep breath

This next tip for bowling a perfect game is pretty obvious—take a deep breath. The technique is scientifically proven to calm your nerves and is best done right before you bowl the strike. Deep breaths are a simple yet effective way to clear your mind and wash away all the “what ifs” nagging your attention.

Mastering peace of mind is easier said than done. Professional players have years of experience refining not just their bowling skills but their mentality as well. Aspiring bowlers in Hampton, VA can maximize their chances of bowling a perfect game when they take a few slow breaths and collect their thoughts.

Relax muscle tension

Stretch before the game starts and locate points of muscle tension. Players that get nervous leading up to a competition become tense without even noticing it. Similar to a frazzled mindset, tense muscles hinder your performance and need self-awareness in order to solve the problem. When mind and body work together, every player has a shot at achieving that perfect score.

To bowl a perfect game, you’ll need lots of practice. Stop by Sparetimes bowling alley in Hampton, VA for competitive hourly rates that offer the most playing time for your buck. We also have bundled pricing so you save money the more you play. Bring a friend and let the training begin!

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