Bowling in Hampton, VA looks a bit different this year. The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) made some changes to the game, and players will have to adapt. But there’s more to it than learning the difference between cleaning versus disinfecting the bowling ball. Familiarize yourself with how to disinfect bowling balls plus the other new USBC guidelines before stepping up to the alley.

Rubbing alcohol is permitted

The USBC has made changes for how to disinfect bowling balls. Originally, players in Hampton, VA were allowed to wipe down bowling balls either before or after the game. But with the pandemic in full swing, it’s vital now more than ever to sanitize frequently touched surfaces. Rule 18 now states isopropyl alcohol, otherwise known as rubbing alcohol, is permitted during competitions.

As you take care of your equipment, take note of the difference between cleaning versus disinfecting the bowling ball. Special bowling ball cleaners will remove accumulated dust from the ball’s surface. On the other hand, rubbing alcohol is designed solely to kill bacteria and stop the spread of COVID-19.

If you’re wondering how to disinfect a bowling ball, the USBC recommends rubbing alcohol because of its time-honored ability to kill viruses. However, rubbing alcohol can damage the bowling ball’s surface over time and is best used in moderation. Remember that disinfectants are no substitute for proper bowling ball cleaners.

Teams stick with a single lane

Until the pandemic hit, players on both teams rotated lanes for every frame. The purpose behind this rule is to avoid giving one team a competitive advantage. It’s the same reason why football teams switch sides after halftime. When bowling teams share two lanes, they’re given equal exposure to the playing conditions.

Unfortunately, players in the 2020/2021 season won’t have that option. The USBC updated rules 106a and 106b, which now state each team gets their own lane. This rule was put in place to avoid cross contamination and promote social distancing. By sticking to a single lane, players limit their exposure to COVID-19.

Players are eligible for awards

With the new single lane rule, players in Hampton, VA might be concerned high scores won’t count towards their official records or qualify for recognition. Thankfully, rules 320a and 320b now state high scores achieved on a single lane are eligible for the USBC High Score Awards and the player’s average records.

The USBC had to change the above rules because the pandemic makes it unsafe to play a traditional bowling game. The amendments to rules 18, 106 and 320 will stay in place until COVID-19 subsides in the United States. Players get to keep average records and awards given during the 2020/2021 season, even after USBC reverts back to the original rules.

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