The holiday season has arrived! If you’re still scrambling for gift ideas for a friend or loved one, we’ve got you covered. For the serious bowlers in your life, there are plenty of gift ideas that are likely to go over extremely well.

Here are just a few bowling gift ideas in Hampton, VA to help you with this year’s holiday shopping:

  • A new bowling ball: Bowlers can always use a variety of balls for different situations, so a new bowling ball can be a great way to add to their arsenal. Of course, you’ll need to get some information before you run out and make a purchase. For instance, what weight of bowling ball do they need or prefer? Do they have a brand preference? Is there a specific type of ball they’re looking for? If you don’t want to spoil the surprise, you can go out bowling with your friend and pay careful attention to their ball before you go ahead and buy one.
  • A bowling ball bag: A bowling ball bag is great for a person who regularly bowls. If you know how many bowling balls they own, you can get a bag that will fit their entire arsenal (up to six bowling balls). The most popular bag is a three-ball roller—most bowlers will not need to carry around more than three balls at any given time, so this is more than sufficient for the needs of most people in bowling leagues.
  • Bowling ball cleaner: Every bowler will need to stay on top of cleaning and maintenance to make sure they get the most life out of their bowling ball. This is a simple and inexpensive gift that makes a great stocking stuffer, and one that you can be certain will be used and appreciated.
  • Bowling ball towel or chamois: This is another great stocking stuffer that you can be certain will get plenty of use. A bowling ball towel or chamois is used to wipe the grease or oil off a bowling ball to make sure they’re able to get a good grip on the ball, and to provide more reliable rolling on the wooden surfaces of the lanes.
  • Bowling socks: Any pair of socks will “work” for people who are in bowling leagues, but there are some types of socks designed for athletic use that will provide better results with regard to moisture. Look into athletic socks, or simply find some novelty socks with amusing bowling-related designs.
  • Bowling shoes and shoe covers: With bowling shoes, you need to know the recipient’s shoe size, as well as what level of bowler they are. Shoe covers are designed to protect the sliding part of the soles from potential debris or spills that you might encounter while waiting your turn at the lane.

Looking for some more bowling gift ideas this holiday season in Hampton, VA? We’ve got you covered with plenty of excellent suggestions when you visit Sparetimes. Consider getting a gift certificate to our bowling center as well!

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