Bowling is supposed to be fun, not stressful. A ball that’s too heavy could be getting in between you and a good time at your local Hampton, VA bowling alley. For serious bowlers, sometimes using a different sized bowling ball is all it takes to up your game. Here are five additional reasons why you should use a smaller bowling ball.

Lighter bowling balls require less strength

Lighter bowling balls are the best choice for children and those who are new to the sport. Smaller ones are also great for casual players who hit the lanes only when they’re looking for a fun night out in Hampton, VA. A bowling ball that’s too heavy can prevent you from enjoying the game, and unless you’re training for the pro leagues, you can find one that’s as light as six pounds.

They’re more comfortable to hold

If the weight is negatively impacting your throw, you should use a different sized bowling ball. Players need their full range of motion in order to execute a proper swing, and that’s not possible if the ball is weighing you down. A smaller bowling ball lets you maintain good posture, and the holes are closer together for a more comfortable grip. If your arm shakes while holding the ball, you should go with a smaller size.

Players won’t strain their wrists

Bowling is a sport that exercises muscles you may not use during your everyday activities. You should use a smaller bowling ball when you first pick up the sport because bowling balls put heavy strain on the wrist. It takes time to develop muscle, so start off with a light ball and gradually work your way up to a heavier one. Bowling with a ball that’s too heavy is not only very difficult, but may even lead to injury.

They help refine your technique

A beginner’s technique will suffer greatly if they attempt to swing around a 16-pound bowling ball. With any sport, technique should always come before power. Trust your judgment if you’re not sure whether you should use a smaller bowling ball. Players who wonder if they should use a different sized bowling ball already know it’s time to trade in for a lighter one.

Lighter ones allow for heightened agility

The problem with heavy bowling balls is that they can make you sluggish while setting up for the throw if you’re not used to the extra weight. Lighter bowling balls give you the freedom to shift your stance at a moment’s notice and adjust the trajectory of your swing. Bowling alleys in Hampton, VA allow you to experiment with different sizes until you find the bowling ball that’s right for you.

Players need access to a full range of sizes because a bowling ball that’s comfortable for one person could be too heavy for another. If you’re still looking for the perfect match, play a few rounds at Sparetimes to feel which size works best. After wrapping up the practice session, you can pick out your favorite size from our pro shop!

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