It’s safe to say that many amateur bowlers pick up a ball and roll it towards the pins without giving it much thought. After all, the goal isn’t always to get a strike—it’s to have fun at a bowling alley in Hampton, VA!

The more serious bowlers, however, know that there are several different ways to hold a ball. Each technique provides a different spin and a greater chance to roll a strike (or at least pick up a spare). Continue reading to learn more about the different ways to hold and roll a bowling ball.

Cupped release

Wrapping the ball with your wrist so that your fingers and hand are angled at a 45-degree angle is known as the cupped release. This position will give the ball an earlier break point and cause the ball to roll sooner. The additional rotation also creates greater inward drive as the ball barrels towards the pins.

Straight release

Just like the cupped release, the straight release is another vertical hand position. With this throw, a bowler holds their wrist in line with their forearm. The straight release is one of the more basic ways of how to hold a bowling ball in Hampton, VA. That said, it’s also one of the releases that should be used most often during a game.

Broken release

If you want to delay the ball’s break point or get the ball down the lane before it hooks, use the broken wrist release. For this position, angle your wrist downward in a broken position before rolling. Pros will use this position to pick up corner pin spares.

12 o’clock release

When a bowler uses the 12 o’clock release, the ball is released with their fingers pointed in a straight 12 o’clock position. There should be no side turn when this position is used. When performed correctly, the ball will roll end over end down the lane. Expect the ball to break late when utilizing this position.

10:30 release

With this release, a bowler holds the ball with their hand in a horizontal position and their thumb pointed towards the 10:30 position on a clock. You’ll see this release most often at a bowling alley in Hampton, VA. When performed correctly, the ball will turn slightly towards the seven pin.

9 o’clock release

To perform the 9 o’clock release, hold the ball with your hand turned horizontally to the 9 o’clock position on a clock. This release will result in a lot of spin, which is why it’s also known as a spinner. Because the ball rolls slowly with a ton of spin, it may hit the pins dead-on without much action.

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