More than a quarter of Americans go bowling every year, meaning it’s the country’s largest participation sport. There are thousands of bowling alleys across the U.S., and the industry makes more than $4 billion a year. So, if you love bowling, you’re not alone!

Not only is bowling a fun and competitive activity, but it also offers a surprising range of health benefits. Read on to learn more about the great health benefits of bowling in Hampton, VA.

Strengthens muscles

Bowling balls weigh an average of 14 pounds. Whenever you swing the ball back and then send it down the lane, you’re working out your shoulders, arms, chest and legs. Even gripping the ball strengthens the muscles in your hands. Repeat that over several games, and it’s a surprisingly effective workout.

Burning calories

Each turn means you’re walking an average of 60 feet or so. Add up all your turns, and you’ll walk more than half a mile over the course of a three-game series. Bowling can burn up to 300 calories an hour, which is roughly equivalent to the calories burned in a 30-minute jog.

Improved hand-eye coordination

Hitting those pins 60 feet away is a serious test for your hand-eye coordination. This is one of the most challenging aspects of bowling, and requires serious concentration. Every time you bowl, you can improve your hand-eye coordination a little bit more.

Speed up your metabolism

The frequent movement associated with bowling means you’ll burn excess fat. You work out your legs going back and forth, and the rest of your body as you twist, bend, then throw the ball down the lane.

The result is that your metabolism speeds up, and this can help with weight loss. Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle can then reduce your risk for a range of negative health outcomes, from heart disease to stroke and diabetes.

Hones balance and flexibility

Bowling involves twisting, stretching and lunging—it’s truly a full-body experience! This means that every time you extend your body to roll the ball, you’re testing your ligaments, joints and muscles. This repeated motion has benefits for maintaining your balance and staying flexible.

Better social life

Every week, more than 2 million people go bowling. As a bowler, you can join a league and make new friends. You can also rekindle dormant friendships by inviting people out for a friendly game. All this leads to decreased risk of isolation-related depression and stress. Strong social relationships based on shared interests reduce stress and can increase your lifespan.

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