Everyone wants to get a higher bowling score. You don’t have to roll a perfect game each time to get better—all it takes is incremental improvement to see an increase in your bowling average.

Here are some tips to get a higher bowling score.

Roll more strikes

Obviously, the best way to get a higher bowling score is to roll more strikes. But how can you do this? For starters, be as consistent as possible with your roll. From your starting point to your follow-through, try to get as close as possible to the same exact movement every time.

Take the same size steps at the same speed for each approach, aiming to end up at the same spot at the end of each roll. Make sure your arm movement follows the same path and your release point is as close as possible to the same spot every time. When you roll a beautiful strike, remember how everything felt, and replicate it on your next roll.

Pick up your spares

Bowlers are human beings, and nobody is going to throw a perfect strike with every roll. Even the best-looking and best-feeling roll can end up leaving a pin or two standing. But do we sulk and cry about it when that happens? Well, maybe a little, but we then quickly pick ourselves up and try to pick up the spare.

This isn’t just a good metaphor for life—it’s a direct instruction on how to get a higher bowling score. One of the keys to increasing your average is to not leave open frames. Just picking up one more spare per game can lead to a 10-pin or more increase in your bowling score.

Don’t roll straight

If you’ve ever watched a bowling league, you know that top bowlers always make the ball curve. This helps the ball hit the pocket just to the right (or left) of the center pin and knock all the other pins down in a great explosion of force. If the ball is rolled straight ahead, connecting with the center pin is liable to leave a split, which can be very difficult to pick up as a spare.

To avoid this dreadful occurrence and get a higher bowling score, try curving the ball. This is also known as a hook. The curve might be small at first, especially without a proper bowling ball that’s designed to hook and drilled to fit your fingers, but it will help.

Practice, practice, practice

The only way to truly improve at any task, whether it’s a job or a fun hobby like bowling, is to practice. The more you do something with conscious effort, the more comfortable and efficient you will become at that task. Take time to work on specific facets of your bowling game, and you will see your average score increase.

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