Over 45 million people went bowling at least once in the year 2017. While the onset of a global pandemic last year likely hurt participation numbers in 2020, bowling continues to remain a cultural mainstay.

Looking back, many people remember going to bowling parties at bowling centers and then heading out with their friends to throw a few frames once they got older and were able to drive. And once they were of age, they might have a few drinks in addition to playing a couple games. Bowling has been supremely popular in America for years now, and some might wonder why that is. That’s what we’ll cover in this article.

The social aspect

Be it spending time with good friends or going on a first date, bowling is a great way to socialize with other people. Many bowling alleys serve food and drinks, so you could even grab a bite or have a beer while you play. There’s a focus on the action at hand, so it’s not quite as formal as having dinner, but there’s also the opportunity to talk to other people freely, unlike during a movie.

Everyone can play

Bowling is fun for the whole family. Children, adults and even the elderly can try their hand at bowling. People of all genders and backgrounds can play, and it doesn’t require bringing along any equipment. And there are accessibility options like bumpers or ramps that even allow those with disabilities to participate.

It’s indoors

If you live in the Midwest of the United States where snow can cover everything and temperatures routinely dip below freezing, having a nice, warm place to mingle with your friends in the wintertime is quite pleasant. The same goes for those who live in the Southwest where temperatures frequently top triple digits in the summer months. A bowling alley is climate-controlled but still offers you a chance to compete in a sport, which is unique.


If you think about entertainment in terms of cost per hour, you won’t do much better than bowling. When paying to bowl, you can usually expect to pay around $1 to $4.50 per game, and renting shoes can run you anywhere from $4 to $7; so, if you’d like to bowl two games with shoes, you’re looking at anywhere from $6 to $16.

When you think about how much a movie costs when you add in popcorn and soda, or tickets to a baseball game or a music festival, bowling, even on the high end, is an inexpensive outing.

Friendly competition

Bowling also gives you a chance to play with or compete against your friends, be it on teams or individually. There aren’t many other entertainment avenues that offer this opportunity. If you find that you and your friends enjoy it, you could even sign up for a weekly league and hone your skills while spending time with your companions.

Call to start bowling today

There are innumerable reasons why bowling is so popular, and we’ve touched on a few of them above. Whether you’re four years old or 84, bowling is something that you can do, and we at Sparetimes would love to host you, your family and your friends. We offer a wide variety of services from bowling parties at our bowling center to competitive weekly bowling leagues. So next time you’re struggling to think of a group activity, come roll with us!

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