Thinking about hosting a bowling birthday party? Bowling birthday parties aren’t a new concept. They’re a go-to solution for celebrating birthdays for people of all ages for a reason: they deliver non-stop fun for adults and kids alike. Here are four great reasons why you should host your next birthday party, whether for yourself or for someone special, at your local bowling center.

You don’t have to worry about the weather

Whether the forecast predicts sun, rain or snow, hosting a birthday party at your local bowling center goes off without a hitch regardless of the conditions outside. From scorching temperatures to precipitation, it doesn’t matter when you’re hosting your party indoors. The success of your party doesn’t depend on the weather at all, which means there’s no chance of a ruined day.

You have plenty of food options

It’s not just the activities that make a birthday—food plays an important role, too! When you host a bowling birthday party, you instantly get access to a huge food menu that your guests can enjoy without ever leaving the venue. From delicious sandwiches and wraps to pizza and barbecue, your guests are sure to find something that satisfies their cravings and gives them the fuel they need to bowl their best.

For the adults, one of the key benefits of hosting a party at your local bowling center is that you have access to a full bar. Whether they’re in the mood for a brew to go with your pizza or they want to relax with a great cocktail, your guests have easy access to great drinks as you enjoy your party.

Your group has plenty of room to roam

If you’ve ever hosted a birthday party at your home or at a local restaurant, you already know that things can get a little cramped for you and your guests. When you host parties at your nearest bowling center, you give your guests plenty of room to roam in between rounds. Relax at the lounge, enjoy a drink at the bar or even take in a few classic games at the on-site arcade. There’s no shortage of things to do if anyone in your group needs a break from bowling.

You’ll keep everyone happy

Bowling birthday parties offer something for everyone. Bowling itself is an exciting activity that’s fun for all ages and all skill levels. Whether you’re a novice bowler or a total pro, bowling offers fun competition for family and friends. Anyone, regardless of age, can feel the excitement of knocking down the pins and getting a strike, and you can even reserve bowling lanes for parents and children so everyone can enjoy a fun challenge.

A bowling birthday party not only ensures a great time for your guests, but also a great time for you as the host of the party! Schedule a birthday party for yourself, or for someone special, at Sparetimes by reaching out to us today. We’d be glad to discuss availability and answer any questions!

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