Everyone loves a fun game of bowling. All you need to enjoy a casual game is a ball and some bowling shoes. However, if you’re wanting to get more serious about the game, there are some bowling accessories you’ll want to purchase.

Read on to learn about the essential accessories for bowling:

  • Bowling ball towel: After investing in your own bowling ball, you want to make sure it lasts a long time. One of the best ways to ensure the longevity of your bowling ball is by routinely cleaning it with a high-quality towel. A good towel will not only keep your bowling ball looking good, but will also help prevent the buildup of oils, dust and fingerprints. There are many different types of bowling ball towels, including woven, microfiber and leather options. These towels can range in price and quality.
  • Bowling ball cleaner: While a towel will get rid of that first layer of grime, cleaner will make your bowling ball shine like new. Avoid investing in cleaners that contain harsh chemicals, as these could damage your bowling ball. A good cleaner, on the other hand, can help preserve the quality of your bowling ball for years to come.
  • The right bowling shoes: While you can always rent your bowling shoes, most avid bowlers like having their own pair. Good bowling shoes are one of the most essential accessories for bowling, as they keep you from sticking to the lane. Look for bowling shoes that are highly functional, durable and comfortable. Dexter Men’s Pro-Am II Bowling Shoes, for example, are sure to be more durable and comfortable than the shoes you normally rent from a bowling alley.
  • Bowling glove: If you watch professional bowling, you’ve likely noticed many players wearing gloves. These bowling gloves assist with gripping the bowling ball and offer great support for the muscles in one’s wrist and hand. When investing in bowling gloves, avoid any that don’t breathe well. You don’t want your hand sweating profusely every time you step up to the lane. A high-quality bowling glove should also have good padding.
  • Shoe sliders: Not everyone considers these bowling accessories essential, though they can give you that extra edge you need to beat an opponent. Shoe sliders help bowlers achieve the perfect slide during play. These are especially beneficial if your bowling shoes are getting up there in age. Just be sure you’re prepared for the extra slippery nature of these products before stepping onto the lane.

It’s important to do your research before purchasing any bowling accessories. You don’t want to accidentally invest in an accessory that doesn’t work as well as advertised. Be sure to check reviews on any products you’re considering, and consult with any bowling enthusiasts in your area. You should also only purchase from a reputable dealer.

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