There’s usually a lot going on at a bowling alley. There could be kids enjoying a birthday party at one lane, while a bowling league is hosting its final game at another. The one thing everyone at a bowling alley has in common is that they’re all there to have a good time.

Practicing proper bowling lane courtesy and etiquette will help ensure you and everyone around you enjoys their night at the bowling alley. Read on for plenty of tips when it comes to bowling alley etiquette.

Respect your fellow bowlers

No matter if it’s the people you’re playing with or the group beside you, it’s important to show respect to your fellow bowlers. That means showing good sportsmanship and not making fun of someone who’s having a bad game. While it might seem like a joke to you, this could actually discourage the other player, thus throwing off their entire game and souring their experience.

As mentioned above, everyone comes to the bowling alley to have a good time. Don’t ruin that good time by forgetting to practice proper bowling lane courtesy.

Who goes first?

Two bowlers step up to a lane at the same time. Who goes first? This is a common question among new bowlers. This can vary, but in most cases, the person who stepped up first should bowl first. If you’re both unsure of who got there first, it’s proper bowling etiquette to let the player on the right go first.

Don’t dilly-dally

It’s rude to keep people waiting when it’s your turn. Stay aware of when your turn is coming up and be prepared to bowl. It’s easy to get distracted by cellphones or everything else going on at the bowling alley. However, your entire group is sure to get frustrated if they keep having to wait on you to take your turn. Try and wait until after your turn to go to the bathroom or grab a snack.

Know the rules of the bowling alley

Before starting your game, be sure to check the rules for your local bowling alley. Those rules were put in place to keep everyone safe, so it’s important to follow them. If you’re having trouble finding the rules, just ask an employee.

Keep your space clean

Don’t leave a huge mess for the workers to clean after you’re done bowling. Dispose of any trash and leftover food items still sitting on your group’s tables. Be sure to also return all bowling balls to the racks and all shoes to the counter.

It’s also important to keep your area clean during the game. Keeping street shoes stored under chairs, for example, could help prevent someone from tripping.

Take these tips to your local bowling center

Now that you know some tips for proper lane courtesy, it’s time to put them into practice at your local bowling alley. Good bowling etiquette keeps everyone happy and will ensure you get invited back for every game.

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