Bowling alley parties aren’t just for kids’ birthdays or big-time bowling enthusiasts. When planning your company parties, you should give some serious consideration to holding one at a local bowling alley!

Many corporate parties tend to follow the same sort of format in an overly stuffy environment. Instead, why not bring people to a more relaxed and engaging environment where they can have a great time for a few hours connecting and competing with their colleagues?

Here are just a few reasons why you should host your next company party at a bowling alley.

Great teambuilding exercise

Bowling is a great activity for a company party because it allows workers to split off into smaller groups to interact and have fun with each other. Bowling features a great balance of competition and communication. While people are waiting for their turn, it’s a natural opportunity for them to talk to the other people in their group. It’s also a chance for people to cheer for each other and root for each other’s successes while fueling their own competitive spirits.

If you want to up the competition factor, you can pit departments against each other to see who will have the best scores, and even offer some prizes as an incentive.

Ideally, when you leave the bowling alley, some of your employees will have grown closer in their time together.


Bowling is a relatively inexpensive activity even at large scale. Paying for games and shoes isn’t a particularly significant expense, and then you have plenty of money to spare for drinks, snacks and anything else you might consider adding to the day, such as trophies and awards.

If the bowling alley doesn’t offer food, you can always work with a caterer or order in pizzas! You could also have an afterparty at a separate location with plenty of food and drink for everyone. You can do all of this without having to worry about tight budgets.

Something new

Rather than just hiring out a space in a restaurant or bar for your special event and hoping your employees make their own fun, you can try something new by going to a bowling alley instead.

Regardless of the level of skill and enthusiasm for bowling you have among your workforce, everyone is likely to have a good time. It’ll bring back fond memories of going bowling during childhood, allowing everyone to embrace some nostalgia. It’s also a great opportunity for people to get out of a corporate-feeling setting and relax, even more so than they might at a restaurant or bar where there aren’t other activities planned.

These are just a few of the biggest reasons why going bowling for your company parties could be a big hit. Want to learn more about some of the group deals we offer and what makes our bowling alley such a great site for corporate get-togethers? Contact Sparetimes today for more information about our bowling center and discover how we can help your team celebrate your next special occasion.

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