Bowling is a fun and popular game anyone is sure to enjoy. Like with any sport, getting better at bowling requires dedication and a lot of practice. Many new bowlers get the hang of it pretty quickly, but don’t fret if you’re having trouble at first.

Below, we’ve provided several bowling tips to help bowlers of all skill levels improve their game. Read on if you’re wondering how to become a better bowler—you’ll likely find your game improving in no time!


Developing a good grip is one of the best ways to improve your bowling. There are two main types of grips: the conventional grip and the fingertip grip. The conventional grip is considered a good standard for beginners and involves using your middle finger, ring finger and thumb. By sliding these fingers into the three bowling ball holes, you can achieve a firm grasp on the ball.

Experienced bowlers sometimes use the fingertip grip, which involves only sliding the tips of your middle and ring fingers into the bowling ball. This type of grip allows you to throw a hook.

Choose the right bowling ball

When asking for bowling tips, most experienced players are going to recommend choosing the right bowling ball. There’s a lot more that goes into choosing a bowling ball than one might realize. For example, it’s important to choose the right coverstock for your needs. If you’re a beginner, plastic or urethane is a good coverstock option. Resin coverstock is more expensive and mainly used by experienced players and professionals.

You should also greatly consider the weight of your ball. Bowling with a ball too heavy or too light can throw off your game completely. Many experienced players go with the 10-percent rule when it comes to choosing the right ball weight. According to this rule, a bowling ball should weigh around 10 percent of a player’s total body weight.

Develop a routine

How many steps do you take before throwing the ball? What bowling form do you use? Develop a routine that works for you, and use it every time you step up to the lane. Don’t overthink your steps or your throw. Let your body and eyes do the work, and everything will fall into place. By using this same routine every time you bowl, your body will develop muscle memory.

Practice, practice, practice

Still wondering how to become a better bowler? Get plenty of practice! While it’s important to follow the bowling tips mentioned above, nothing makes someone better at bowling than experience. Visit your local bowling alley, and get started right away. You may even want to sign up for a bowling league, where you can practice your game while making new friends.

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