Looking for something to get you out of the house so you can get more involved and meet other people? Consider joining a bowling league at a local bowling center!

Even if you’re not an avid bowler at the moment, you can still have a great time by getting plugged into a league. Here are just a few reasons why bowling leagues make for great social outlets, even for people without a lot of prior bowling experience.

Skill level doesn’t matter

Of course there are leagues in which there are extremely talented bowlers who are hyper-competitive with each other, but not every league requires a high level of skill. There are at least a couple reasons for this.

First, you are able to have a handicap in league play, very similar to what would happen on a golf course. This is meant to provide a bit more evenness in league matchups. Second, you can find social leagues or leagues in which the competition comes second to the fun. By playing so much in league play you’ll naturally improve over time, but there’s no need to stay away if you feel like you’re not currently a strong bowler.

You don’t need the equipment

Sure, there are plenty of avid bowlers who have their own shoes, balls and bags, but you don’t need to have any of that to get started. You can rent shoes from the bowling alle and use their house balls for league play. This means there’s a very low financial barrier to entry for people who want to get started in a bowling league.

Time commitment

You should be prepared to commit yourself to the schedule of league play. Most bowling leagues run for around 33 weeks, which is roughly 80 percent of the year. You can miss a few times, but you should be prepared to carve out that time every week if you’re going to participate in a league.

Forming teams

If you wish, you can form your own team of friends or coworkers. This is a great way to build in time each week to see people you already like and want to spend time with. There are also some circumstances in which teams may be looking for another player and you can find a group you mesh with and make some brand-new friends.

You’ll get better

We touched on this briefly already, but if you’re worried about your skill level coming into the league, don’t be! You’ll get better naturally as you play week after week. You might start off as someone who needs a bumper, but soon enough you’ll be cracking the triple digits and getting a better understanding of the proper bowling technique that will lead to more sustained success.

But most importantly, you’ll have fun! You don’t need to take the game super seriously to enjoy yourself. Think of it as time where you can get out, be active and enjoy spending some time with friends.

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